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Shungite 101

Have you heard of this rock called shungite but don’t know much about it? Maybe you have a piece of shungite, and someone just asked you about it but you don’t know what to tell them. If so, here is a basic shungite primer that you can easily share with anyone who wants a little introduction!

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Gemstone Properties

Discover the unique EMF protective qualities of various gemstones. Basic information from Shungite Queen about shungite, black tourmaline, amazonite, aventurine, charoite, seraphinite, epidote, fluorite, jasper, hematite, lapis, malachite, pyrite, quartz, sodalite, turquoise, white jade, and several others.

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What is Shungite?

Research shows EMFs and cell phone radiation are linked to brain and heart tumors, DNA damage, headaches, chronic fatigue, autoimmune issues and more. Due to its unique molecular structure, shungite can transform EMFs into more biologically compatible frequencies. Get the science about shungite and EMFs here.

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