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Elite Shungite Jewelry

If it's elite shungite jewelry you're looking for, this exclusive, one-of-a-kind collection is available only from Shungite Queen!

Elite shungite (aka Noble Shungite, or Type 1 Shungite) is the rarest and most powerful form of shungite for EMF protection, representing the top 1% of all shungite mined. 

Many elite shungite jewelry pieces do not hold up because the elite itself is so fragile. It cannot be drilled, sanded, or shaped due to its friability. Quality pieces require highly skilled artists who have expertise in working with this special stone.

No two elite shungite specimens are alike, resulting in pendants with beautifully unique and organic designs. Some are artfully wrapped in argentium silver wire by a jewelry artist in Connecticut. Others were created in Germany by an artist who uses the ancient technique of lost wax casting resulting in amazing pendants that look like they've been "drizzled" in liquid silver!

Elite shungite is challenging to source, so inventory fluctuates.  Many of my customers would say - if you like what you see, grab it today because it won't be there tomorrow!

I guarantee that all my shungite pieces are the genuine article. I test every piece. Fakes are out there so please exercise caution. If you want to learn how to test if your shungite is real, I prepared this video.