Shungite Pendant, Eclipse, EMF Protection, Circles, EMF Protection, Lightweight

This is a beautiful shungite necklace featuring a large shungite eclipse pendant (2 inches outer diameter) with concentric circles. The EMF pendants are all unique with little inclusions and veins, and nicely polished.

This is a nice lightweight necklace for those who don't want a lot of weight hanging around their neck.

The donut pendant is strung on colorful, sustainably sourced deerskin leather measuring 3mm wide, and long enough to go over your head. It closes with a simple sliding knot that can be adjusted as you wish, up to 36 inches. If you want different cording, just leave me a note during checkout and I will customize it accordingly!

More About the Cording

This deer hide (aka buckskin) is some of the strongest, most supple leather available. The deer hide is harvested from North American deer through the Fish & Wildlife Service's scheduled thinning in designated regions of overpopulation. It is produced - from start to finish - in the USA. Because the lace is tanned, hand-dyed and hand-cut, it may have slight variations in color and thickness. The dye is lead and chromium free and complies with all EPA regulations. As with most dyed leather, the dye is not 100 percent colorfast, so please keep it dry.

What does shungite do?

Shungite is nature's strongest EMF protector. It comes from one location only, the village Shun’ga in the Karelia region of Russia. Its highly unique molecular carbon structure transforms EMFs into frequencies that are biologically harmless. Shungite is said to also block negative energy from a person or space, and functions as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other toxic agents.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
love the pendant necklace!

I just started wearing the necklace a couple of weeks ago. I think it might indeed have some almost-magical properties! It is also very attractive, and so light, I barely notice that I have it on until I catch sight in a mirror.

A fine pendant

The Shungite Queen's communication is great! Been wearing the pendant under my shirts. Not able to test the shungite since I don't have the meter, but the Queen did send a video clip she made on how to do it. Need to be careful when I snap my coat, so I don't break the pendant. (Found that wearing it to exercise class was not a good idea; it wouldn't stay down and under my shirt.) Glad that the cord hasn't broken; my daughter said she's had similar cord that did. Love the simple design of the eclipse!

Love it

I love the necklace Thank you, and it came very promptly

My New Companion

I love this pendant, especially with my chosen brown leather cord. It looks cool, wears easily and whether it's showing outside my clothes or not, feels like a weightless friend around my neck. At night, I loop it through my bed's headboard. Also really appreciate the personal note from "Queen" Valerie just after purchase/delivery. Good vibes all around. :-)


This necklace is beautiful, I ordered it because I don't like anything on the back of my neck. It is so light weight, you hardly know it's there, wear it every day. Love it!!!