Shungite Product Collections

Metal-Free Jewelry

If you are sensitive to metal and want a piece of jewelry that is 100 percent metal-free, this is the collection for you. If you are an "EMF purist" trying to avoid all metals, you're in the right place!

These shungite necklaces and bracelets are made with nothing but natural stones and cording. The necklaces are longer, designed to slip over your head and close with an attractive knot, instead of a clasp. The bracelets are adjustable with a slip knot. 

***Custom orders are welcome! Most of the other jewelry by Shungite Queen can be modified to be metal-free. So, if you see a design you like on another page, just send me a note and we can talk about the options.

“On a leafless branch

A crow comes to rest -

Autumn nightfall” 

- Matsuo Basjo