Heart Chakra Necklace w/Green Aventurine, Malachite, Rhodonite, Shungite, & More

This powerful heart chakra necklace is a veritable explosion of green and pink gemstones that work together to mend a broken heart, balance the emotions, and get more love in your life.

And who doesn't need THAT?

Your heart chakra is your love center. A blocked heart chakra impacts your strength, balance, physical and emotional health, and relationships. Healing the heart chakra brings about forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love toward yourself and others. When your heart chakra is strong and flowing, you can't help but radiate love into the world!

This necklace harnesses the healing power of gemstones such as rhodonite -  which inspires unconditional love - and malachite, the "guardian of the heart." Pink tourmaline quells anger, and rose quartz promotes self love. You can read more about the stones below.

The necklace is strung on lovely rose colored silk thread, hand-knotted between every bead. It is completely metal-free and comes in a little handmade flannel pouch.

Length: 36 inches

Total bead count: 118

More about the stones

Green Aventurine (large, dark green): opens the heart chakra and restores emotional balance; soothes anger; facilitates forgiveness

Seraphinite (green & silver rondelles): tuned to the heart chakra, as well as helping open links to angelic realms

Malachite (smaller green): a stone of healing, transformation, emotional clarity and cleansing; removes emotional blockages and opens us to new experiences; protects from negative energy, described as "guardian of the heart"

Epidote (lighter green & black): resonates with the heart and root chakras; supports healthy relationships, forgiveness, and compassion; reverses negative thought patters; energy amplifier (enhances whatever stones it's with)

Rhodonite (pink & black): fosters altruism and betterment for all; a stone of cooperation, community, and generosity of spirit; quells anger, restores emotional balance

Rose quartz (translucent pink): attuned to the heart chakra;  unconditional love; heals old emotional scars; fosters self love; relationship strengthener

Pink tourmaline (smaller, darker pink): high in lithium, therefore excellent for stabilizing the mood and reducing stress

Shungite (black) protects the wearer from EMFs; helps with grounding


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Customer Reviews

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Short beaded shungite necklace

I absolutely love my necklace! I wear it everyday with my shungite rock earrings.

Does the job beautifully!

I could not be happier with my necklace. Thank you!

Multi-colored magic

This necklace is absolutely gorgeous and goes with so many colors. EMF protection never looked so good! Please make bracelets that match!!


This is a gorgeous, well-made necklace and the stones are of exceptional quality! I absolutely love it! What more can I say? Thank you, Val,