Shungite & Rhodonite Rearview Mirror Dangle, Car Accessory, EMF, Love - Shungite Queen
Shungite & Rhodonite Rearview Mirror Dangle, Car Accessory, EMF, Love - Shungite Queen
Shungite & Rhodonite Rearview Mirror Dangle, Car Accessory, EMF, Love - Shungite Queen

Shungite & Rhodonite Rearview Mirror Dangle, Car Accessory, EMF, Love

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Calm down that road rage and take a little LOVE on the road - in addition to EMF protection - with this shungite and rhodonite car accessory, rearview mirror dangle. 

It features an oblong shungite pendant and round rhodonite bead on natural black leather cording with a small sterling silver magnetic clasp, just long enough to easily attach to the rearview mirror of your car.

Alternately, it could be hung from your gearshift, a doorknob, in the window - or wherever!

These shungite beads are hand worked at the Russian factory, as opposed to mass produced, so they have many irregularities in terms of texture and shape. Shungite also contains dozens of different minerals and elements, so veins, specks, and interesting patterns are the norm, completely typical of authentic shungite.

Note that natural gemstone colors and patterns may also vary. 


Shungite bead: 35 x 15mm

Rhodonite bead: 12mm

What the Stones Do

Shungite is nature’s strongest EMF shield, and comes from only one place: the Shun’ga village in the Karelia region of Russia. How does it help with EMFs? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms the EMFs into biologically harmless frequencies. Many EMF sensitive people feel better when shungite is nearby. Additionally, shungite blocks negative energy from people and places, and detoxifies against viruses, bacteria, and free radicals.

Rhodonite fosters altruism and betterment for all; a stone of cooperation, community, and generosity of spirit; quells anger, restores emotional balance; promotes love, compassion and forgiveness; also helps relieve fear and anxiety; heart chakra.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dinnie McLaughlin (Mountain View, US)

this is a perfect piece for a solid piece that will also work for anyone.

KS (San Antonio, US)
Shungite/Sodalite Rear View Mirror Dangle

Love my mirror dangle. Product is exactly as pictured and arrived super fast wen very well packaged. Thanks Shungite Queen!

Ophelia_40 (Shelton, US)
Thankful for Shungite

I recently added to my supply of Shungite to protect my home and my loved ones from EMFs. Now I have that same protection in my car. So glad Val has covered all the bases with her extensive and beautiful array of shungite! I also appreciate the beautuful and thoughtful way she packages and ships her products. It's one of the few packages I receive that is actually fun to open. She is definitely a class act!

Dinnie McLaughlin (Mountain View, US)

I loved all the items I received.....I basically decided to be protected by the stone and picked items that would be around me through out the day.
The items were perfect and very reasonably priced.
Thank you so much!

Helen McConnell (Portland, US)
I love having this in my car!

Upon arrival, I immediately hung this on my rearview mirror. I don't normally hang things there, but this is super subtle. I like the simple reminder that I'm being protected. It's also quite lovely.