Garnet & Shungite Jingle Earrings, EMF Protection for the Holidays

These EMF protective garnet and shungite earrings cascade down in a shimmery waterfall of silver, red and black. On each earring, eight tiny round garnet beads and two round shungite beads dangle from graduated lengths of sterling silver chain. The ear wires are constructed from pure, hypoallergenic, surgical-grade titanium.

Length of dangle: 2 inches

These earrings would make a lovely gift for her this holiday season!

What do the stones do, exactly? 

  • Shungite protects the wearer from EMFs. How? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms the EMFs into biologically harmless frequencies. People who are sensitive to EMFs feel better when wearing certain protective minerals and stones, like shungite. It’s also said to block negative energy, and acts as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia.
  • Garnet is a wonderful stone for physical healing, balance and regeneration. Helps turn chaos into creation. Tuned to the root chakra, garnet is a sensual stone that supports romance, love, passion and libido – freeing the movement of kundalini. Garnet is said to resolve grief, but supports the pituitary gland as well. Cleanses and reenergizes all the chakras.

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