Shungite Necklace, EMF, Lapis, Natural Hematite, Writer's Necklace, Self-Expression

I call this beautiful shungite necklace a "writer's necklace" because the stones were selected for their EMF-protective properties, as well as self-expression and communication (throat chakra). A lovely shungite nugget is surrounded by lapis lazuli and natural hematite.

This necklace is sure to give any writer the grounding they need, and a clear, creative mind, as well as ending that pesky writer's block. 

Important: The magnetic clasp, while sturdy and gorgeous, needs to be opened in a particular way. Slide the two slides of the clasp apart, but make sure you DO. NOT. PULL or the clasp might break!

What to the stones do?

Shungite is nature's strongest EMF protector. It comes from one location only, the village Shun’ga in the Karelia region of Russia. Its highly unique molecular carbon structure transforms EMFs into frequencies that are biologically harmless. Shungite is said to also block negative energy from a person or space, and functions as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other toxic agents.

Lapis lazuli is known for shielding and deflecting negative energy, enhancing intuition, and offering protection from psychic attack. Lapis opens and balances the throat chakra and supports communication, self-expression, and power.

Hematite is also protective against EMFs and geopathic stress, providing grounding, balancing, and detoxification (especially liver and blood). Supports the root chakra. Some hematite has a slight magnetic charge.

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