Shungite Necklace With Unakite Beads, EMF Protection, Unisex, Spiritual Insight - Shungite Queen
Shungite Necklace With Unakite Beads, EMF Protection, Unisex, Spiritual Insight - Shungite Queen
Shungite Necklace With Unakite Beads, EMF Protection, Unisex, Spiritual Insight - Shungite Queen

Shungite Necklace With Unakite Beads, EMF Protection, Unisex, Spiritual Insight

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This is not your everyday shungite necklace! It has all the benefits of being EMF protective, thanks to the shungite bead, which is flanked by two gorgeous, green unakite beads. And unakite is also EMF protective! The green you see in the bead is epidote, which amplifies the properties of other minerals. It’s also said to release energetic blockages, increase spiritual insight, vision, and the “third eye.”

These particular shungite beads are very rare - and well-traveled, I might add. First, genuine shungite only comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia. Once I receive the shungite beads from Karelia, they’re sent to Colorado to be custom drilled for leather before being sent back to me and turned into the fabulous jewelry you see here.

Note that natural gemstone colors and patterns may vary. 

How to Measure Cording Length: The measurement I need is the full circle - starting at the pendant, going ALL the way around the neck & back to the pendant again.

About the Clasp

The necklace comes with a sturdy, self-aligning Mag-Lok clasp, which is an extremely strong rare earth magnet. To open the clasp, SLIDE the two halves apart - DO NOT PULL (a thumbnail is handy to get it started).

Those with pacemakers should NOT use these magnets. If you need a different clasp, you can state your preference in the “Note” section during checkout.

*Please note this is a custom item. Custom items cannot be fully refunded.

How does shungite protect from EMFs, exactly? 

Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms the EMFs into biologically harmless frequencies. People who are sensitive to EMFs feel better when wearing certain protective minerals and stones, like shungite. It’s also said to block negative energy, and acts as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents. 

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Kleiman (Houston, US)
Perfect necklace

The beautiful beads are complimentary to the earrings I purchased. I love the magnetic clasp! While I don't have EMF sensitivity (at least that I'm aware of) I do believe daily exposure to radiation is unhealthy. I work in a hospital laboratory, surrounded by electronic equipment. There are those wifi extender things in each hallway all throughout the hospital. I currently own three sets of shungite earrings and necklaces and wear them daily at work. Not only pretty but protective! By the way, shipping is very fast, too.

Rita Detweiler (Encinitas, US)
My husband likes it and is wearing it 24/7!

I'm hoping that shungite (these necklaces I purchased for my husband and me from Valerie) are protecting us from 5G which is being installed in our small city right now (not good; more radiation for all living beings.) I haven't tested our shungite necklaces with an RF meter yet. I'm trusting Regina Martino's book that shungite is protective and does neutralize EMR. Thank you, Valerie; I am very happy you are making this beautiful jewelry that we can protect our bodies with and our homes as well.

I am delighted that it has the magnetic clasp. I had never seen those before. My husband has lost dexterity in his fingers but still can take off and put on his shungite necklace when he showers.

Hi Rita,

Thank you for your review - I am glad the clasp is working so well for your husband. I do love those magnetic ones. As for the meter, you might want to read my FAQ about shungite and RF meters, which is on this page:

Thanks again, and many blessings!


RK (Oakland, US)
perfect for adolescent boy

It is understated and masculine. My son loves to wear it everyday.