Black Shungite Pendulum, Necklace, Sterling Silver Mobius, Dowsing

This is a shungite necklace AND pendulum! 

Can't find your pendulum when you need it? Here's one you can actually wear! That way, you can enjoy the benefits of a shungite necklace - and your pendulum is always within reach. 

The top part is a sterling silver chain long enough to easily slip over your head, terminating with a fluid, slightly triangular sterling silver mobius form. The term "mobius" is defined as a shape with only one side. If you were to walk the surface and get back to your starting location, you would have covered both surfaces without passing your starting point.

From the pendant hangs a genuine black shungite pendulum, attached by a lobster clasp that serves as a grip. The pendulum features a hammered silver ring with a single shungite bead, positioned about 3 inches from the end of the chain, which functions as a secondary grip.

Length from pendant, around neck and back to pendant: 25 inches

Length of pendulum chain: 5 inches

Shungite point: 1 3/8 inches

This lovely pendulum/necklace comes in its own little blue velvet bag!

Pendulums and Dowsing

A pendulum can be used as a dowsing tool. What is dowsing? Master dowsers Maggie and Nigel Percy define dowsing the following way:

Dowsing is a way to get answers to questions you cannot answer rationally. Old time dowsers would search for where to drill for water. You can't know where to drill using only your rational mind. You'd have to guess. So they used dowsing, an intuitive method that gives you answers to questions you can't answer logically. Good water dowsers are usually correct over 90% of the time when they dowse a location for a well.

Most dowsers use a tool of some kind to indicate the “yes” or “no” answer to the question, and a pendulum works nicely for this. For more information about dowsing, go to Maggie and Nigel's website Discovering Dowsing where they provide a wealth of excellent information, from free guides to comprehensive dowsing books and courses.

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