Chakra Earrings w/Shungite, on Argentium Silver, Threader Style
Chakra Earrings w/Shungite, on Argentium Silver, Threader Style
Chakra Earrings w/Shungite, on Argentium Silver, Threader Style
Chakra Earrings w/Shungite, on Argentium Silver, Threader Style

Chakra Earrings w/Shungite, on Argentium Silver, Threader Style

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Do your chakras need a little energy boost? These threader style chakra earrings with shungite are as functional as they are beautiful! Each has six round gemstone beads stacked in a column - each supporting a different chakra:

  • Amethyst (purple; crown chakra)
  • Agate (blue; throat chakra)
  • Peridot (green; heart chakra)
  • Citrine (yellow; solar plexus chakra)
  • Carnelian (red-orange; root and sacral chakras)
  • Shungite (black; root chakra and EMF protection)

The wire is made from argentium silver, a brand of tarnish-resistant sterling silver containing 93.5 to 96 percent silver. In argentium, the copper in standard sterling silver has been replaced with germanium. The end of the wire is torch-finished, producing a super cool molten silver ball that is part of the wire, keeping the bead in place.

Length of drop: 1.5 inches

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What are Chakras?

Eastern practitioners have worked with the chakras for thousands of years. Chakras are energy vortexes within the body where various types of energy are focused for specific uses.

You actually have thousands of chakras but only seven major ones: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and base chakra. In general, the three upper chakras govern mental and spiritual function, and the three lower ones govern physical and emotional functions. Between them lies the heart chakra - which connects and balances the other six.

Sometimes the chakras can become unstable or blocked, and gemstones associated with the blocked chakra can be very restorative. Which gemstones? Each chakra is associated with a color and vibrational frequency, and it can be balanced with stones that match that particular color or frequency.

Customer Reviews

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A great product. Beautiful and very well made. I wear them with pretty much everything and find comfort in the EMF protection properties of the shungite. Two thumbs up!

My Sister Loved These Earrings!

I got these earrings for my sister's birthday and she absolutely loved them! This is my 3rd experience with Val, and her awesome jewelry that is beautiful to wear and protects you from EMFs! I will continue to buy these lovely gifts for my other sisters and perhaps more items for myself.


These were exactly what I needed and they were so cute, too. Thank you so much!!

Pretty but too delicate

Beautiful but note that the silver is VERY soft so too bendable

Hi Shae, thank you for taking the time to do the reviews. I appreciate it! I agree that these are quite delicate. The reason is the pure 100% silver metal, which is required in order to create the melted silver ball design. Pure silver is softer than sterling. I continue looking for alternatives that have more stiffness and can still be melted. Besides the beauty, the other nice thing about pure silver is that it will never tarnish, so upsides and downs! If it does bend, you can gently bend it back into position.
REAL Shungite!

I love my earrings. So simple and classic that I can wear it literally with anything! Not only beautiful jewelry, but one of the few artists that use only the best quality materials. This is the REAL Shungite!