Chakra Pendant With Selenite Blade and Seven Mini Chakra Stones, Silver Foil, Gift for Her

This unusual chakra necklace features seven tumbled mini chakra stones in the colors of the rainbow, attached to a natural selenite blade, backed with silver foil. A unique jewelry gift for someone who loves stone energy!

Selenite is one of the best stones for cleansing, said to uplift everything around it. It cleanses the chakras and remove energy blockages, bringing purifying white light into one's energy field to "recharge" the spirit. Selenite is also one of the best stones for sleep!

Important: The magnetic clasp, while sturdy and gorgeous, needs to be opened in a particular way. Slide the two slides of the clasp apart, but make sure you DO. NOT. PULL or the clasp might break!

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Type: necklace

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