Star Rose Quartz Sphere & Genuine Black Shungite Donut

What a lovely gift for your Valentine this Valentine's Day!

This set features a star rose quartz sphere resting on a genuine black shungite donut. Star rose quartz is an exotic variety of rose quartz from Madagascar. Tiny fibers of dumortierite create a star effect called "asterism," which is easiest to see by shining a bright light on a smooth curved surface. 

These spheres are a bit hard to come by - and their color blew my socks off when I received them! They are the deepest rose pink I have ever seen... incredible. The sphere rests nicely in the hole of the shungite donut. Small, but mighty.

Star rose quartz sphere: 40mm diameter

Shungite donut: 40mm diameter

What are the healing properties of these stones?

Shungite offers protection from EMFs. Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms the EMFs into biologically harmless frequencies. Many EMF sensitive people feel better when they have shungite nearby or on their person. It is also said to block negative energy and act as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart! Attuned to the heart chakra, it nurtures, heals, and comforts us, showering us in unconditional love. It strengthens our relationships with ourself and others.

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Customer Reviews

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Expectation fulfilled!

I have been using these since they arrived.Had heard of vivid dreams with Shungite...Yes! Will now be using it to help with water hacking.Love it.

Very pretty!

Sits on the table behind my husbands computer constantly.


I love my little shungite garden. Its absolutely beautiful and quite calming. Thank you! ♡


Not only is this sphere/bowl/elite shungite combo beautiful, it is indispensable in counteracting the adverse effects of the smart meter and other EMF sources in my home.
So grateful for your quality products; hope to be able to purchase more soon!

Love my Shungite/Lavender Bowl

Love this little beauty - I have so many people asking me about it - so beautiful. I love the EMF blocking powers and keep it close to me or my computer (when I'm on it) during the day. Thanks! Quality Product.