Elite Shungite Nugget & Crystal Merkaba on Rhodonite Slab

This shungite garden is all about love and protection! An Elite shungite nugget sits atop a polished slab of beautiful pink, gray, and white rhodonite - accented by a tiny clear crystal merkaba (eight pointed star). 

Elite (or noble) shungite is the highest grade of shungite - and the most EMF protective. It contains 90 to 98 percent carbon with only a small percentage of trace minerals, and has the highest volume of fullerenes. Fullerenes are the unique molecular carbon structures that give shungite its special healing properties. Only one percent of all shungite is elite.

Rhodonite is attuned with the heart chakra and is the stone of altruism. The little crystal merkaba helps us connect with our higher self and the Divine.

What is a merkaba?

A merkaba (sometimes spelled "merkabah") is an eight-pointed three-dimensional star in sacred geometry. The merkaba is said to be the "divine light vehicle" used by ascended masters to connect with the higher realms, something like a chariot. "Mer" means light, "Ka" means spirit, and "Ba" means body. With its intersecting triangles, it represents the connection between the human and the Divine.


Elite shungite nugget: 14 g; 38 x 30 x 17mm

Rhodonite slab: 57 x 45 x 8mm; four little rubber feet have been added to the bottom side to protect your furniture

What do the stones do, exactly?

Shungite offers protection from EMFs. How? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms the EMFs into biologically harmless frequencies. Many EMF sensitive people feel better when they have shungite nearby. It is also said to block negative energy and act as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia. 

Rhodonite fosters altruism and betterment for all; a stone of cooperation, community, and generosity of spirit; quells anger, restores emotional balance; promotes love, compassion and forgiveness; also helps relieve fear and anxiety; heart chakra.

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Customer Reviews

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This gives my garden such a lift!

I'm an avid gardener and this lovely item adds so much sweetness to my garden. It came with more Shungite stones than I had expected. I carry one with me wherever I go. ShungiteQueen is one of my favorite websites

Beautiful presentation

What a nice surprise. This came wrapped like a little treasure & is certainly easy on the eyes. The bowl is small but beautifully crafted & I was surprised at how many stones came with it. I have to admit I grab one for my pocket when I'm on my way to town in spite of wearing (which seems to be always now) my pendant..

Expectation fulfilled!

I have been using these since they arrived.Had heard of vivid dreams with Shungite...Yes! Will now be using it to help with water hacking.Love it.

Very pretty!

Sits on the table behind my husbands computer constantly.


I love my little shungite garden. Its absolutely beautiful and quite calming. Thank you! ♡