Lariat Style Shungite Necklace w/Eclipse Pendant & Amazonite Beads
Lariat Style Shungite Necklace w/Eclipse Pendant & Amazonite Beads
Lariat Style Shungite Necklace w/Eclipse Pendant & Amazonite Beads

Lariat Style Shungite Necklace w/Eclipse Pendant & Amazonite Beads

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Lariat Style Shungite Necklace w/Eclipse Pendant & Amazonite Beads

The necklace features a large shungite eclipse pendant as the pass-through with five Amazonite beads, strung on black deerskin lace.

It can be worn a couple different ways. Looping the cording through the hole in the eclipse pendant one or two times helps the necklace stay put.

I have made the necklace quite long to accommodate all heights - but you can trim off the ends of the cording if you want it to hang a little higher.


Outer diameter of eclipse: just shy of 2 inches

Amazonite beads: Variety of sizes and shapes from 8mm to 12mm

What do the stones do, exactly? 

Shungite helps protect the wearer from the effects of electromagnetic frequencies. How? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms them into waves that are biologically harmless. Many people who are electrosensitive report feeling better when wearing shungite. It is also said to block negative energy and acts as a detoxifier. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes only from one place - Karelia, Russia.

Amazonite blocks manmade electromagnetic frequencies, inspires and aids self-expression, and is said to balance and soothe the effects of emotional trauma. Reported to calm all chakras and balance our masculine and feminine sides.

Customer Reviews

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Helena (Alexandria, US)
Thrilled with exquisite necklace

I am impressed with every aspect of ordering from Shungite Queen. From the beauty and function of the unique jewelry to the customer care and thoughtful packaging and shipping. Thank you! Will recommend to anyone.

- Holly - (Olympia, US)
Unique Gorgeous Handmade necklace

Thank you for creating this amazing “Eclipse necklace” specifically for me Valerie! I absolutely LOVE IT!

I can definitely attest to the Shungite properties being highly effective. Very thankful you are located so close and you have such quality items.

Gunhild Hinchey (Alexandria, AU)
Shungite Necklace Lariat Style With Eclipse Pass-Through, Large Shungite Bead & Unakite Beads

Just beautiful to look at and to touch. It has a harmonious, grounding feel to it when I wear it.

Marcia E Hansen (West Covina, US)
Shungite bead & red jasper necklace lariat style

I wear this beauty every day as I am on my computer a lot. We are surrounded with bad air quality, toxins, chemicals all of which diminish our health and well being. How great is it to feel com-
fortable in an uncomfortable world just by wearing these amazing works of art that come from a 2 billion year old rock. Shungite & Jasper the rare and the healing combination for all to experience.