Mala Bead Necklace With Shungite, Epidote, Hematite, Rose Quartz, & Tourmaline Blade

This powerful mala features 8mm shungite and epidote beads, hematite, rose quartz, and a spectacular 2.5-inch black tourmaline blade replacing the traditional tassel.

Not only are the gemstones beautiful, but the EMF protective shungite guards against electropollution, which is amplified by its pairing with the epidote. The epidote is an interesting combination of green and black with flecks of lovely fuchsia. The guru bead is a 16mm faceted natural hematite bead, with coordinating hematite barrel beads as markers.

The mala ends with a black tourmaline blade that helps shield from all sorts of negative energies, suspended below one round rose quartz bead. The mala is strung on black silk.

Length: 48 inches to Guru bead plus 3.5 inch drop (Guru bead, rose quartz, and tourmaline blade)

Weight: 3.5 ounces

More About These Gemstones

Shungite is nature's strongest EMF protector. It comes from one location only, the village Shun’ga in the Karelia region of Russia. Its highly unique molecular carbon structure transforms EMFs into frequencies that are biologically harmless. Shungite is said to also block negative energy from a person or space, and functions as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other toxic agents.

Epidote is an energy amplifier—enhancing the properties of whatever stones you put with it. Epidote helps reverse negative thought patterns (sadness, despondency, hopelessness, etc.) and is said to improves memory, as well as supporting spiritual growth.

Black tourmaline is also EMF protective, grounding, and stabilizing. It is able to transmute energy due to its piezoelectric properties, repelling negative energies and providing resilience against psychic attack. It may also decrease worrying, stress, and anxiety.

Hematite is also protective against EMFs and geopathic stress, providing grounding, balancing, and detoxification (especially liver and blood). Supports the root chakra. Some hematite has a slight magnetic charge.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart! Attuned to the heart chakra, it nurtures, heals, and comforts us, showering us in unconditional love. Strengthens relationship with ourselves and others.

Collections: Metal Free Jewelry, Shungite Malas

Type: mala

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