Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Beads, Elasticized, Unisex
Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Beads, Elasticized, Unisex
Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Beads, Elasticized, Unisex
Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Beads, Elasticized, Unisex

Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Beads, Elasticized, Unisex

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Black Shungite 8mm Beads Unisex Bracelet

This is a stretchy bracelet consisting of 8mm round shungite beads - stretchy enough to fit a range of wrist sizes. Comfy and easy to wear!

It is made with a double-strand layer of tough elastic cording. Although it is relatively durable and stretchy, it will not withstand large forces so I recommend rolling the bracelet on and off. It is best to keep the bracelet dry - meaning, do not wear it to swim or shower. 

For visual comparison, the last photo shows the elastic bracelets made with various sized shungite beads, side by side on one wrist. Hand toward elbow: 6mm round, 8mm round, 10mm round, 8mm rondelles. 

You can see how great they look stacked!


The bracelet is designed for the average 6.25 - 6.75 inch wrist.

*** If you want one custom made to a different size, please contact me.

How do these beads work?

Shungite helps protect the wearer from the effects of electromagnetic frequencies. How? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms them into waves that are biologically harmless. Many people who are electrosensitive report feeling better when wearing shungite. It is also said to block negative energy and acts as a detoxifier. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes only from one place - Karelia, Russia.

Customer Reviews

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David (Chandler, US)
Perfect product

Perfect product - Perfect service - If I could give this Seller 100 Stars, I would. Thank you so much!

Maureen Oar (Olympia, US)
The Shungite Bracelet

I am so pleased with my shungite bracelet, I have been wanting to try one for a long time and I finally took the leap! Val was so helpful and answered all of my questions and enlightened me to the healing qualities of shungite. My intention is to wear it on my right wrist, I have lymph edema in my right arm that occurred when many lymph nodes were removed during a mastectomy. I add the bracelet to my "toolbox" of how to manage
the lymph build up. It is also just very beautiful, comfortable and goes with everything! Thank You Shungite Queen for bringing your knowledge and healing energy out into the worls.

Sue (Naples, US)
Lovely Shungite 8mm Bracelet

My Sungite Bracelet fits like a dream, it’s the perfect size for my wrist and I just love it as well as the great feeling I get knowing that Shungite is so protective against EMFs!!! Shungite is truly a gift from Mother Earth and I thank-you Valerie for bringing it to us!!!

Mary Sutton (Lynnwood, US)
Five-Star Rating

Seriously, I couldn’t be happier with my jewelry. I ordered the 8-mm bracelet and sterling silver Ohm post earrings. The quality is excellent, as observed by the weight of the bracelet and strength of elastic, just love it! The lovely Shungite/Sterling post earrings are dainty, perfect for everyday wear, which I will be doing. Listened to Val’s podcast w/Annmarie Gittleman, impressed, ordered same day, received next day, amazing—so happy. I have experienced migraines my entire life, and am sensitive to EMFs, just purchased earthrunner sandals for grounding, found an artesian well for an excellent water source, NOW have Shungite from the Shunghite Queen herself (happy with her 100% guaranteed tested)—am looking forward to feeling better. I am grateful for having found this resource, will be ordering more. Thank you so much.

Paige Sleep (Santa Barbara, US)
Shungite Bracelet

I absolutely love this bracelet. It came promptly and the product was exactly what I was expecting. I wear them every day and I am very happy with what I got. Thank you!