Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Rondelles, Elasticized, Unisex
Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Rondelles, Elasticized, Unisex
Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Rondelles, Elasticized, Unisex
Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Rondelles, Elasticized, Unisex

Shungite Bracelet, 8mm Shungite Rondelles, Elasticized, Unisex

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Elasticized Shungite Bracelet 8mm Rondelles, Unisex

This unisex shungite bracelet consists of 8mm shungite rondelles on elastic cord, stretchy enough to fit a range of wrist sizes. Comfy and easy to wear!

It is made with a double-strand layer of tough elastic cording. Although it is relatively durable and stretchy, it will not withstand large forces so I recommend rolling the bracelet on and off. It is best to keep the bracelet dry - meaning, do not wear it to swim or shower.

For visual comparison, the last photo shows the elastic bracelets made with various sized shungite beads, side by side on one wrist. Hand toward elbow: 6mm round, 8mm round, 10mm round, 8mm rondelles. 

You can see how great they look stacked!


The bracelet is designed for the average 6.5 - 7 inch wrist.

*** If you want one custom made to a different size, please contact me.

How do these beads work?

Shungite helps protect the wearer from the effects of electromagnetic frequencies. How? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms them into waves that are biologically harmless. Many people who are electrosensitive report feeling better when wearing shungite. It is also said to block negative energy and acts as a detoxifier. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes only from one place - Karelia, Russia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
S. T. (Downingtown, US)
Val works with you!

I have a bracelet and my husband wanted one. But he is bigger than I am and we knew he needed a larger size. Val worked with us and made him a bracelet that was perfect. He loves his, as I do mine!! Thank you Val!

Sabrina (Mississauga, CA)

I'm truly loving my new bracelet. I requested that it be made slightly larger as I like a looser fit. Val responded quickly and communicated with ease. She made it perfect- just for me! I will definitely purchase more shungite pieces from her in the future. ♥


I love wearing this piece stacked with my smaller beads <3 very pleased

David M. (Mesa, US)
UPDATED: Val made it right! Great product!

** Val made this right! She reached out to me almost right after I posted my original review. Due to a technical glitch, she didn’t get my original note. She immediately worked with me to correct the issue and stayed in regular communication. Just took a couple days, I’m all set, and I’m extremely pleased. Such a great customer service experience, excellent communication, and superb product quality. Thank you so much!!! **

I really like what I received, but unfortunately, after wearing this item for a couple weeks, the elastic thread is continuing to constantly shed and I'm fairly certain it's going to break soon. Granted, I'm at the max range for wrist circumference, but this was happening before I even put on and I basically have no recourse. I reached out for help but haven't received a response. It's been about a week waiting.

David - I am so sorry! This is the first I have received from you! I don't know if you sent an email or contact via the store, but I only learned of the problem five minutes ago when I got notice of this post. I will reach out via email to make it right, be it a replacement or refund. Again, my deepest apologies for the problem and delay. I always, always respond quickly to all my messages. :( Will be in touch, Val

Sarah Morin (Vancouver, CA)

Very calming to wear. I love it