Shungite Bracelet With One Large Shungite Bead and Unakite Beads, EMF Protection, Genuine Shungite

This is not your typical bracelet! First, it has all the benefits of being EMF protective, thanks to the shungite bead, which is flanked by two gorgeous, green unakite beads. And unakite is also EMF protective! The green you see in the bead is epidote, which amplifies the properties of other minerals. It’s also said to release energetic blockages, increase spiritual insight, vision, and the “third eye.”

These shungite beads are extremely rare. First, genuine shungite only comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia. Once I receive the shungite beads, they’re sent to Colorado to be custom drilled before they’re sent back to me and turned into the stunning jewelry you see here.

This bracelet is adjustable with a slipknot that expands up to about 9 inches - meaning, when the bracelet is tight around your wrist, there will be an inch or two of cord dangling with a bead on the end (see picture).

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