Shungite Pendant, Eclipse, EMF Protection, Circles, EMF Protection, Lightweight

This is a beautiful shungite necklace featuring a large shungite eclipse pendant (2 inches outer diameter) with concentric circles. The EMF pendants are all unique with little inclusions and veins, and nicely polished. This is a nice lightweight necklace for those who don't want a lot of weight hanging around their neck.

This is a longer necklace that closes with an attractive stationary knot. It is designed to go over your head so it can be worn inside or outside clothing.

What does shungite do?

Shungite is nature's strongest EMF protector. It comes from one location only, the village Shun’ga in the Karelia region of Russia. Its highly unique molecular carbon structure transforms EMFs into frequencies that are biologically harmless. Shungite is said to also block negative energy from a person or space, and functions as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other toxic agents.

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