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Valerie Burke

Shungite Rocks!

Every day people ask me if shungite works. I always respond the same way – it works for some and not for others, just like any treatment, supplement, or pill. 

Whether we feel the effects of shungite or not, it is always producing an effect on the EMFs nearby, transforming their vibrational frequencies into those more biologically compatible with our cells and energy fields - more like the frequencies we’ve shared with nature for millions of years.

People differ in their ability to sense energy. You might think since I am in this world of crystals, I’m one of those who can “feel” crystal energies, but really I am not. And I’m eternally envious of those who are! I’ve become more sensitive over time and with practice, but it doesn’t come easily for me.

This is what I do know about shungite's benefits

I have been a chronic pain sufferer for more than 50 years, from the age of about 6 or 7. I manage it with a variety of tools, mostly lifestyle and natural practices, but it remains a daily challenge and a key reason I got into the health and wellness field, and why I work from home.

Since becoming involved with shungite and being surrounded in it at home and in the studio, I have noticed an increase in stamina. Better focus, lower pain levels, more stable energy. This was particularly evident during the very busy holiday seasons when I put in long hours that I never would have been able to sustain before.

That said, I can’t say it was ALL shungite because I am continually trying out new things, but I have two crazy holiday seasons behind me during which I fared unexpectedly well, and those were both since shungite entered my life. To me, this is direct evidence that the shungite is helping - even as a person who can’t pick up a crystal and feel its energy.

And then there's this

Thanks to my wonderful Shungite Queen customers, I have accumulated quite a list of testimonials. When I embarked on the shungite train, I was far more skeptical about its effects than I am now because of what I hear each and every day. I’m constantly amazed at the range of benefits people report! Everything from resolving tinnitus to improved sleep, more energy, less physical pain, increased mobility, less anxiety, feeling more grounded. Even feeling more hope for the future!

Some say they just can’t keep their hands off it but don’t know why. Others report their kids or pets are ceaselessly drawn to it. Non-jewelry fans commonly say that they “hate taking the pendant off.”

Of course, there are also those who don’t feel anything but “hope” it’s helping them somehow.

A whole range of experiences come to me in these testimonials, but I believe the reports of positive benefits are far too frequent to be explained by chance, or by placebo alone.

I gathered some of these reports shared by my customers so you can get a feel for what others are experiencing from shungite. Keep the testimonials coming, everyone! I love hearing how shungite has impacted you and your family.


I live in an apartment, and my neighbor’s Wi-Fi is just on the other side of my wall. I’ve not been able to sleep well for months. I was planning to move, but then a friend told me about shungite, so I bought some for my nightstand. From that night on, I’ve slept really well! Shungite saved me from having to move from an apartment that I love.

I love my necklace! While I have had many compliments on it, I didn’t buy it for aesthetics. I wear it 24/7 and have noticed major improvement in my sleep and positivity.

I feel so good in my shungite pendant, I hate to take it off!

Wow! I waited a few weeks to write this review as I wanted to be sure of what I was finding. I put the tumbled stones in our office without my husband's knowledge. We both work from home on our computers and in the last year it has been almost impossible for my husband to make it through the day without feeling ill and needing to nap. Since day 2 of having the shungite in our office, he has not napped and has complained much less of feeling ill. As he does not know about the shungite, I know he’s not giving me a false reaction based on hope. I have also noticed that I am not as weary and nervous during the day. I would say that this is a must for anyone that wants protection from EMF's.

I bought the necklace for my husband and he absolutely loves it! He feels calmer and more focused and he tells me he hasn't felt this good in a long time.

It's a beautiful sphere, emitting a powerful energy that feels uplifting, balancing and grounding. I injured my pelvic region a year ago which caused pain in lower back. Chiropractic procedures took the worst of the pain, but if I did too much my lower back would ache by the late afternoon where I would have to sit or lay down for a while. This is the second week using this shungite pad while at my computer, and I find I can do more without getting the ache. Bottom line, this healing pad is working for me.

I absolutely LOVE my eclipse necklace. I can definitely attest to the shungite properties being highly effective.

I am wearing both a shungite necklace & bracelet, and I have noticed an all-around calmer self and not so angry at the world. These have been a life changer for me!

When I first picked up the rock from the packaging, immediately felt a relief from a reduction in “waves” hitting me. I keep it on me at my corporate office job and it helps me so much. I wanted to try a product that could potentially improve my son's EMF symptoms on the days that his daycare takes him to the park, which is right by a cell phone tower. After tracking his behavior for some time, I am certain that the shungite has improved the more immediate physical and behavioral symptoms, but it's understandable that the shungite can only do so much next to a cell phone tower, so his nighttime symptoms still persist. I appreciate having the shungite necklace to help lessen the damage from EMFs that we can't avoid in public spaces.

I felt grounded the moment I put it on. Love this bracelet!

I’ve tried out several devices from other companies in the past and have taken it on faith that they are doing “something.” With the Donut I can feel it working. I feel more grounded – with a smooth flowing energy – like having a cup of coffee without the jitters.

I've had good luck with the shungite. What I've noticed the most is my tinnitus going away since using it. I take my phone to bed(!) with me, helps me fall asleep listing to various YouTube videos. However, I sometimes fall asleep while listening and don't get to turn it off. My tinnitus tends to be worse on those nights, however, I've been putting my shungite necklace underneath my left ear (where the tinnitus is) and it takes the ringing away. I wear the necklace all the time otherwise.

I absolutely love my shungite pendant with the green aventurine stone. The minute it put it on I felt my vibrations change for the better. I am less stressed and feel more grounded that I ever have been. I wear it daily!

I have been wearing the shungite donut pendant for about a month now; sometimes as a pendant, sometimes carrying it in a pocket. A main reason for carrying it is to harmonize EMF radiations.

The bracelet has helped me with my mobility - it's perfect.

My bracelet seems strong, and after wearing it for a few minutes I felt little electric pulses, so I kept switching arms. This gives me confidence that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do which makes me very happy.

I feel very peaceful wearing these shungite beads. My sleep and dreams have been much better too.

I've been using my shungite phone plates for about a week and do feel a difference with them on my iPad. I don't feel like I'm about to get a headache anymore. I look forward to ordering a bracelet soon!

I ordered some elite shungite and made shungite water. After drinking it for weeks and getting noticeable results--I no longer get nasty head pressure when I go into stores or areas with a lot of rf/wifi. Then I ordered a necklace. I expected to wear it only on my weekly shopping trips, but things didn't turn out that way. When I got the necklace, I fell in love with it and immediately put it on. I have found it impossible to take it off except to shower. I even wear it to bed at night. I know it sounds a bit weird, but the shungite seems to have formed a bond with me, and I just feel so good when I wear it. I suspect it may be in part because shungite is such a powerful healer for the first chakra. I love crystals, but I have never had the powerful reaction or attraction to any type of crystal that I have to shungite. I do believe it is tremendously powerful and healing and could help a lot of people in more ways than just protecting against non-native EMFs.

I ordered 5 of the jumbo-sized shungite palm stones and placed them throughout my home next to electronics and on nightstands in bedrooms. Now if I could only get my children to leave them alone - they love the stones! I often find them holding one in their hands, which is not exactly a bad thing!

It seems to help the EMF situation, seems to stop some inflammation in my left hand/palm. I have shared a few with friends and all noticed some positive changes, like pain relief and more relaxed. I still cannot carry the stone on me, but always have one a few feet away and can feel it.

I sent the shungite medallion with unakite necklace as a gift to my aunt and she loves it. She interacts with people a lot during the day, and she says she has more energy while wearing it.

A few months ago, I ordered the elite shungite to make shungite water. After a couple of weeks on it, my symptoms of EMF reactions, especially to RF (mainly head pressure) disappeared. Next, I bought one of Val's lovely necklaces with a nice chunk of shungite to wear when I go shopping or off my property. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it had a huge effect on me. I bought it for EMF protection more than anything else, but what I discovered was that shungite is a powerful first chakra mineral. Yes, it protects, but it also is very grounding. I have always had challenges with being too much in my upper chakras, in my head and not in my body, and I just feel so much more comfortable since I began to wear shungite.

This stone is very powerful, and I think I am going to have to work my way up to wearing the necklace for more than a few hours. I was very fatigued from wearing it all day!

This necklace was just perfect and exudes a wonderful calming effect.

I put the shungite in water, and there is a noticeable difference - it tastes cleaner with more positive vibration.

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