Collection: Shungite Home Basics

Welcome to the shungite home basics collection!

This collection consists of basic EMF protective shungite items for the home or office. Here you will find a variety of shungite pyramids, spheres, cubes, merkabas, pocket stones, phone plates and other shungite pieces.

Shungite is thought of by some as a natural shungite crystal, but it's not truly a crystal but rather a special stone that contains dozens of natural different minerals and elements, including "fullerenes."

You can read more shungite's properties and shungite's benefits on my blog - as well as some fabulous customer testimonials!

Many shungite home basics come with custom wood stands handcrafted from reclaimed wood by craftsman Mike Stark of Olympia, Washington.

Not sure what size you need or what might work best in your space? Here's a handy guide about how to get started with shungite.

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shungite merkaba 100mm 4 inches custom wood base