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Large Elite Shungite Stone 152g, Black Shungite Tile, Quartz Crystal
Monique Ruchkall (Carstairs, CA)
1st time buyer

I like the professionalism of your company. I received my shungite quickly and packaged securely. Only had it a few weeks so too early to tell, plus we didn't have huge symptoms indicating EMF radiation. I'm hoping it does what its known to help with.

Noticed a difference immediately

I am not sure how to describe it but I guess I could say calm is what I felt.

Stunning 6mm shungite bead bracelet

I love the look and feel of this quality bracelet. It fits perfectly and was custom made to fit my wrist. I received it within a week of my order. Valerie is very pleasant and knowledgeable and offered me a wealth of information. I will be purchasing many more products knowing the outstanding quality is not compromised.

Metatron’s Cube Necklace

I thought I was buying the necklace mainly for the shungite protection. However, i now know that the necklace picked me so that I could connect with the ARCHANGEL METATRON. It is a beautiful necklace and I love wearing it!

Earrings with Hammered Copper Rings, Blue & Purple Raku Beads
Carolyn in Houston TX (Houston, US)
Love these earrings

I've been a satisfied customer for a couple of years and my latest purchase is another winner. These earrings are the perfect size, color, and they match several necklaces I own. I check out the Shungite Queen's website regularly to see what new item I can add to my jewelry collection.


Very beautiful. I wish it came in a larger size, but it would cost a fortune. I like idea of being able to remove and arrange the stones.

pendant with leather rope

This piece is beautiful, you can see the crystal running thru the stone.
It is big but I feel protected!!!!
thank you

Shungite Donut Pendant, 40mm, Deerskin Lace, Unisex
Kjetil Ingvaldsen (Loddefjord, NO)
Very nice Pendant

A very nice piece of jewellery .Second time I buy it,so don't drop it on the tiles on the bathroom floor...Otherwise it's fine to shower with it and I use it almost all the time, but the leather string deteriorates over time. Can definitely recommend this piece of jewellery.

Jumbo sized round

I gave these as a Christmas gift. One lady responded, Its beautiful....and she nodded her head yes when I told her about the protection. One person put it in her pocket and another lady put it in her bra.

Robert Siegel (Richmond, US)
Hug Power!

I think research will soon verify that Val's special virtual hugs amplify shungite's healing prowess. Definitely worth $.05! This is my $.02.

I absolutely love this piece 🖤

The size is perfect for my phone, it’s thin, and has stayed attached!

Shungite Phone Plate, Round with Adhesive
Mary Dunaway (Phoenix, US)
Shungite phone plate

I just love having this little piece on my phone knowing it helps protect me. I got the smaller one, it stuck on the back of my phone cover and stayed in place.

Genuine Black Shungite Cell Phone Stand
Mary Dunaway (Phoenix, US)
Shungite Cell Phone Stand

This is a very solid piece of Shungite and very functional, my phone fits just fine. I like it very much, I like to keep the stand in my end on my end table in the room with our router. I’m feeling confident it helps with emf’s ! What a great idea…

Earrings with gold heart

So pretty. I love them and already getting positive comments. They are a good length for me.

A Rare Find

This is relatively proportional replica of the Great Cheops pyramid. This is a must have rarity. It is a quality piece that is elegantly hand crafted. I recommend this item without reservation. The "Wow" comments are all well deserved.


Such a well crafted bracelet. I purchased this as a gift for my sister and she loves it. Val’s customer service is too notch and she puts so much love and care into everything she makes. Shipping is fast too. Thank you Val!

Elite Shungite Nugget Shambhala Bracelet, Black Macrame, Adjustable
Tamie A. Cardin (Olympia, US)
Incredible piece!

I'm very happy with this piece. I've actually purchased several pieces from the Shanghai Queen herself and not only are the pieces she creates lovely, is she herself is a lovely human as well. I will definitely be purchasing more pieces in the future.

Elite Shungite water stones

I am truly excited about the water stones. I feel this will help me on my health journey.

Elite Shungite Pendant, 16g, Sterling Silver Setting by Lost Wax Casting
Nancy Chase (Reno, US)
Beautiful elite stone

Lovely elite stone necklace
It vibrates when I wear it
So many compliments
Love it

Elite Shungite Water Detoxification Stones
Helen McConnell (Tacoma, US)
Elite Shungite Water Stones

This is the most practical thing I've ever ordered from Shungite Queen, and it was still a pleasure to receive it. Val always packs her items in such a fun manner. It's like Christmas to receive them
I've made my first batch of Shungite Water. I'm looking forward to the results!
Thanks, Val!

Elite Shungite Pendant, 16g, Sterling Silver Setting by Lost Wax Casting
Babe Scott (Sydney, AU)
Shungite Pendant

I've barely taken off my stunning Shungite pendant since I received it. It's beautiful but also emanates a sense of calm that's hard to describe. I love it! Thank you Shungite Queen!

Wonderful, stylish necklace

I love this shungite necklace. It is flat and smooth and easy to wear. Other shungite pieces that I got 6 or 7 years ago would snag clothing. This is, in my opinion, a lovely piece.

Climbing Froggy & Shungite Donut, EMF Protective Plant Stake
S. T. (Downingtown, US)
Climbing froggy Shungite plant stake

We have several of these Shungite pieces, and have recommended them to friends and family. We have notice a definite difference in the home, and by wearing the bracelets. This one was more for decorative purposes, but it will also protect the area by our bay window and plants. The frog is just adorable! I love everything we have purchased from this shop, and trust the products completely. They actually work!

Jumbo Sized Round Shungite Phone Plate with Adhesive
Jordynne Spinell (Doylestown, US)
Really like this product!

Admittedly, I did try the hack of wiping my phone case with an alcohol swab first, and it did still pop off (but that’s also because I dropped it a cpl times 😑), but I like how slim it is, so it’s not huge and bulky feeling when I’m holding my phone! I also love the piece of mind I now have knowing that I’m getting some more protection from the 5G phone I had to get..especially since I have it with me most of my day!!!

Bag of Rocks

I have enjoyed my bag of rocks . I love how they feel and love the care you took in packaging them. I would recommend your site to anyone.