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Val/Shungite Queen

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Beautiful Neclace

It always feels good to wear and I love that I don't have to clear it every day as I have with similar pieces.

Impressive piece

Very impressive in terms of aesthetic appeal and quality of energy. Highly recommended.

Does the job beautifully!

I could not be happier with my necklace. Thank you!

Beautiful protection from EMFs!

Hi Valerie!
I just wanted to be sure and let you know how delighted I am with everything!
And please tell Mark that his bowl was stunning! …exactly as pictured, and exactly what I wanted.
Also I was surprised at how large each of the each of the “mini garden” spheres were—the rose quartz, and the black shungite.
I keep both of these lovely treasures in my study beside me with my laptop.
The four inch black sphere on the block looks fantastic in my kitchen, complimenting a sunface sculpture on the counter.
Beautiful protection from EMFs!
Best Regards,
Texas Girl


So glad someone is making this mineral into something wearable. I like having peace of mind, and having seen her video of the current conductivity really convinced me. I ordered the larger round piece and it is heavier than I would have thought. Putting the weight of each piece in the info I would have ordered a lighter one, but it’s ok.

Thank you Joyce! I appreciate the review, and thank you for the suggestion on adding the pendant weight. I should add those to the listings, if that would be helpful. :)

These were exactly what I needed and they were so cute, too. Thank you so much!!

Beautiful presentation

What a nice surprise. This came wrapped like a little treasure & is certainly easy on the eyes. The bowl is small but beautifully crafted & I was surprised at how many stones came with it. I have to admit I grab one for my pocket when I'm on my way to town in spite of wearing (which seems to be always now) my pendant..

Happy,happy, happy.

I've been delighted with my pendant. I'm not sure how to explain it but I keep on wanting to hold it. I've never fussed with any other piece of jewelry before so this seems unusual to me. I must comment on the clasp as I've never had anything that was so easy to open & close. Whoever designed it should definitely pass this info on to anyone with arthritic hands. I wish I had this clasp on every piece of jewelry I own.

Hi Valerie,
my stones arrived today and I adore them, they feel beautiful in the hand and are soothing to hold,
Thank you for all your assistance, Amanda

Shungite phone plate

They are attached and working just fine.

Sungite bracelent

It is attractive, comfortable and seems to help EMF/EMF situation; it also seems to stop some inflammation in my left hand/palm.

Shungite Car accessory

It is attached and, as far as I know, it is working just fine.

Shungite water

Using the stones daily. The water does indeed taste fresher. I leave the stones in the water overnight, and consume a cupfull of Shungite water every am. Looking forward to the health benefits. And there’s plenty of stones in one order batch, to use for both Shungite water as well as to place in room for EMF protection.

Love the flat stones ,I find them very strong but I keep one on the floor of my car
I have shared a few with friends and all noticed some positive changes ,like pain relief and more relaxed
I still cannot carry the stone on me ,but always have one a few feet away and can feel it

Thank you

I gave the bracelets as a gift .they were a hit and this person is very picky about things so thank you .

Expectation fulfilled!

I have been using these since they arrived.Had heard of vivid dreams with Shungite...Yes! Will now be using it to help with water hacking.Love it.

Quality product and service!

I bought this bracelet to replace a similar (cheaper) bracelet that I purchased from a seller on Etsy (that I later discovered to be “pressed” beads that are either fake or of very low quality as they were non-conductive). I contacted the Shungite Queen and she promptly answered my skeptical (having already purchased a fake) questions. Upon receiving the product I could tell right away these were genuine shungite beads (clearly they are carved and not pressed as you can visibly see the texture/grain of this mineraloid and they are also highly conductive). I did have an issue with fitment (was a bit snug for my large wrist) which she happily and promptly gave me a couple extra beads at no charge (I purchased a heavier gauge roll of stretch magic for a couple dollars and it was very easy to replace the stretchy cord with an additional bead). She did inform me she gets the bracelets pre-made so the fitment is no fault of her own. The fitment for me was not enough to lose a star in my rating. What was important to me in my purchase was the quality of the Shungite and for that I give it five stars (as well as the friendly and prompt service from the Shungite Queen herself!) I highly recommend the Shungite Queen for all your shungite needs! Thanks again!

So glad I bought it!

I was hesitant to spend so much on another rock for my collection, but I am very satisfied. This thing is heavy and larger than I imagined. It looks stunning, and who knows how long we will be able to get this stuff. Well packed and well polished.I love it!
If possible, I would give 10 stars for the rating because of the excellent customer service.
Now I just have to get some wearable pieces.
Thank you for your quick shipping and quick response to inquiries!

Shungite Tall Pyramid

I absolutley love my new Shungite. Not only is it beautiful; I know it is protecting me and my family. The quality is well worth the money. It arrived to my door very fast.

Shungite/ "Russion Gemstone Power Trio" Earrings

I LOVE the Trio earrings! They are not too heavy at all, are very colorful and EMF protective as well - a win, win, win! Thank you again Val for all of your kind patience and assistance through all of my MANY questions and for the quick delivery. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I will happily do so again.


Well made and put together. Good size for the price.


I love them. Almost lost one the first day, I would have cried!

Pendant necklace

Very nice, lovely packaging. Hope it works!

Multi-colored magic

This necklace is absolutely gorgeous and goes with so many colors. EMF protection never looked so good! Please make bracelets that match!!