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Val/Shungite Queen

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Short beaded shungite necklace

I absolutely love my necklace! I wear it everyday with my shungite rock earrings.


I felt grounded the moment I put it on. Love this bracelet!

Great Purchase

These beads speak to me, calming and protective! Thanks Shungite Queen!

Beautiful Piece!

I love this piece! Excellent craftmanship. I sleep with it by the side of my bed and my sleep quality has improved. The care that was taken to ensure safe shipping was very much appreciated.


I love this pendant, but be careful if you have a white dog. The stone is soft, and the black rubs off on the fur.

Thank you Kathleen for your generous review. I just want to share the information we discussed in our email exchanges - that I know this is an issue for some, the shedding of the shungite on skin and fur. In order to keep the shungite untreated by chemicals, there are some raw edges that sometimes shed black powder. I haven't figured out why it happens with some pieces and not with others, despite rinsing. I guess it's just the nature of shungite, being soft and dark. I appreciate your sharing the info with others! If I ever find a way to prevent this, I will definitely share it!
Great small business

The owner is super down to earth and great with customer service/support. Shipping was stupid fast. Thanks again!

Lovely Necklace

Love the look, weight and feel of this necklace! Delivery was prompt and the customer service outstanding.

Super cute

My daughter my granddaughter and I love this product! I gave it to my daughter and she has it attached right onto her phone it is super cute

The stones are beautiful and I feel them working For me.

Very calming

I feel very peaceful wearing these beads. My sleep and dreams have been much better too.


I bought a Shungite pyramid and it really looks awesome. I honestly didn't expect something "healthy" to also look so nice.

Exactly as described!

I purchased the phone plate and was pleasantly surprised at how fast I received it.
The product is exactly how it was described on the website and I am looking forward
to purchasing other items as monies become available to protect my whole family.

Red Harlequin Shungite Cat Dangle, EMF Protection, Accessory
Red Harlequin Shungite Cat Dangle

Not given it away to my nephew yet. It's so delicate and pretty and I really want to keep it. I'll keep you posted.....

Seraphinite and Shungite Earrings

I've got angels on my ears, so nice to know. They look gorgeous!

Shungite Necklace Lariat Style With Eclipse Pass-Through, Large Shungite Bead & Unakite Beads

Just beautiful to look at and to touch. It has a harmonious, grounding feel to it when I wear it.



Pleased with my order

I've been using my plates for about a week and do feel a difference with the plates on my iPad. I don't feel like I'm about to get a headache anymore. My order experience was a very positive one. I look forward to ordering a bracelet soon!

I love the piece. It is beautiful and with the shungite ball, it offers wonderful EMF protection. The purchase and shipping were flawless!

Perfectly Gorgeous

This necklace is everything I dreamed it would be. I've been wanting this for some time now and, when I ordered it, Val asked me a few questions to make sure it would be "just right." I ended up changing from the leather cord to the deerskin lace, based on what Val thought would work best for the length I wanted. You can feel the high intentions/vibrations that Val has for her work and her shop; the passion for assisting in a healing energy for humans and universe is very evident. I'm absolutely loving my necklace and very excited to add to my collection for both jewelry and the home.

I love having this in my car!

Upon arrival, I immediately hung this on my rearview mirror. I don't normally hang things there, but this is super subtle. I like the simple reminder that I'm being protected. It's also quite lovely.


This beautiful piece is exactly as described. I have it hanging in my bathroom as I have a smart meter just outside the window. Don't know if its doing anything, but it's pretty to look at. May even wear it sometimes!

This gives my garden such a lift!

I'm an avid gardener and this lovely item adds so much sweetness to my garden. It came with more Shungite stones than I had expected. I carry one with me wherever I go. ShungiteQueen is one of my favorite websites

Shungite Medallion, EMF Pendant, Necklace, Unisex, Genuine Shungite, Simple Styling
Vital protection for DNA health

in my opinion my shungite medalion is Vital Protection for my DNA health & I try to make sure I wear it when ever I am using my computer ormy phone.

My Sister Loved These Earrings!

I got these earrings for my sister's birthday and she absolutely loved them! This is my 3rd experience with Val, and her awesome jewelry that is beautiful to wear and protects you from EMFs! I will continue to buy these lovely gifts for my other sisters and perhaps more items for myself.

Very Pleased

I've truly enjoyed wearing the medallion. It just has a nice feel to it and presence about it. Before purchasing the medallion I had a few questions that Valerie was very prompt in responding to. In fact, she really went the extra mile to answer my questions. Thank you Valerie!