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Val/Shungite Queen

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I absolutely love this bracelet! The metal clasp with the magnets is a plus! The holding seems to wear down a little bit and marks easily but is durable.

Great product/shungnite

Quality of wooden bowl and shungnite orb and pieces was excellent. Got exactly what was described. Very pleased with my purchase.

Hand Crafted

Beautiful polish on the stones and well made wooden bowl - I bring this to the office, place by my router at home, and at my bedside table at night - will definitely be ordering more so this one bowl won't have to travel anymore :) Thank you!

Shungite Earrings, Trapezoids, EMF Protection, Black, Titanium Ear Wires
Beautiful pieces

I love my beautiful earrings, they are very well made, lightweight, and easy to wear. Thank you!

Beautiful Elephant Necklace and GREAT customer service!

I bought this for myself as extra EMF protection. It is stunningly beautiful and I like that the Elephant has its trunk raised instead of hanging down, as a raised trunk means showering you with good luck! I love the look of the Deerskin cord but may opt for a sterling silver necklace for the next one (The Tree of Life one) to wear with dressed up evening wear. There was a problem with my cord length being way too short to fit around my neck as I was measuring incorrectly when I placed my order. Shungite Queen IMMEDIATELY sent me a return shipping label with shipping instructions to make sure it was packed safely and is sending it back to my new specifications - ALL FREE OF CHARGE. I am currently making a list of Shungite items to give as gifts to protect my loved ones.

I feel protected!

So glad to have found this site! The Pyramid is beautiful and is placed about a yard from my Wifi Router. Since I cut the Cable Cord and am doing mostly streaming TV, I've been worried about all the extra HOURS every night that I have to keep my 5G Wireless connection running (I usually unplug it at 7pm and use my Desktop computer if I need to go online).
Makes a good gift for others you care about, too!

Very Nice Piece

I'm was very pleased with the extremely fast shipment of my order which included this cube. It's the perfect size for my computer desk where I've placed it. Thank you Valerie for the great service!

Better Than I Expected

I'm unsure how exactly I stumbled onto the Shungite Queen website, but I'm glad I did. She offers a great selection of shungite making it hard to chose. I selected this medallion and have been very happy with it. The deerskin lace is smooth, comfortable and adjustable. The medallion is just the right size. I've been wearing it every day since receiving it (which I might add was quite quickly after I ordered it). I also appreciated the excellent communication after placing my order. Will look forward to adding to my collection.


Wonderful, looks great, comfortable, (and, re earlier reviews: no pinching, no black stain, strong cord). And very important to me: from a trustworthy and knowledgeable source and authority on Shungite. Thank you!! I appreciated the education on your site about Shungite before I purchased.

Absolutely Gorgeous

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful piece. My baby sister has been collecting stones for 20 years and told me this type of display with the smaller stones under the sphere is a great boost to their wonderful power. The packaging was excellent and from the shipping to delivery the company was there every step of the way. A shout out also for the beautifully hand crafted wooden bowl. Thank you for your exquisite products and company.

Pleased with Purchase

My order was shipped promptly and when it arrived, it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted some smaller pieces of Noble Shungite to use in water bottles and filtering pitchers. These were perfect.

My husband likes it and is wearing it 24/7!

I'm hoping that shungite (these necklaces I purchased for my husband and me from Valerie) are protecting us from 5G which is being installed in our small city right now (not good; more radiation for all living beings.) I haven't tested our shungite necklaces with an RF meter yet. I'm trusting Regina Martino's book that shungite is protective and does neutralize EMR. Thank you, Valerie; I am very happy you are making this beautiful jewelry that we can protect our bodies with and our homes as well.

I am delighted that it has the magnetic clasp. I had never seen those before. My husband has lost dexterity in his fingers but still can take off and put on his shungite necklace when he showers.

Hi Rita, Thank you for your review - I am glad the clasp is working so well for your husband. I do love those magnetic ones. As for the meter, you might want to read my FAQ about shungite and RF meters, which is on this page: Thanks again, and many blessings! Val
A Happy Return Customer

I have purchased several beautiful pieces of jewelry from Val and am sooo happy with this most recent purchase! As usual it is beautifully made and comfortable to wear. I'm alternating this piece with another shungite necklace depending on what I'm wearing. It's so reassuring to know I'm protecting myself from EMFs while enjoying the visual beauty of my jewelry! An additional bonus with this piece is the positive energy from the other stones which compliment the work I am doing on my throat chakra.

My favorite necklace

This necklace is well made and hangs nicely and not at all stiff like when necklaces are poorly crafted. The colors are beautiful.

Beautiful piece

I like this large pendant as well as the smaller elite one that I got and have been wearing them every day I'm glad for whatever protection I can get

Elite Shungite Pendant, EMF Protection, Necklace, Sterling Silver Bail
Beautiful piece

I put it on and I immediately felt something have been wearing it ever since

Phone plate

Perfect size for cell phones, computers and microwaves. Thank you!

Elite Shungite Post Earrings w/Pure Titanium Posts, EMF Protection

These are the first of a kind for me. I wanted to have pure Shungite as close as possible to my head! My pair of Elite Shungite are just perfect, unique and catching a lot of people's attention. I wish more people knew of Shungite!!

Shungite Healing Pad With Protective Cover, Small, Pain & Inflammation

This item was either the 3rd or 4th order that I've gotten from the Shungite Queen site.
And as with all others, I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality and quantity of this item too.
I don't recall reading the specifications to the Healing pad, but my gosh there is a hefty amount of Shungite rocks neatly sowed into the lining. I weighed it at 2 lbs.!! So it's somewhat like those weighted blankets that many people feel are therapeutic. Anyway, I got this for my ailing 86 yr. old Dad.

Merkaba shungite

This shungite merkaba is amazing and powerful. Anything that Valerie has on her site I highly recommend. I’ve bought many items and all so beautiful

Shungite sphere

Absolutely love this shungite! , thank you Valerie!

My own black egg

I absolutely love my shungite black egg. I have its own wooden cup stand that it can easily be displayed and I love to pick up the egg and rub it like a rabbit's foot (for good luck)! It is such a conversation starter and it looks so elegantly displayed in my kitchen. I also have a beautiful necklace that I love to wear and get a lot of compliments when worn out in public. It eems to just go with any outfit.

Powerful in energy healing & meditation

These harmonizers are the perfect size and feel so soothing for meditating and energy work.

Gorgeous and powerful

These earrings feel absolutely lovely, especially when paired with my custom necklace from Shungite Queen.