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Too fragile for a key chain

I love all the pieces I have purchased thus far from the Shungite Queen and this was no different, it was stunning. I bought it as a gift for my sister however it only lasted a few days in and out of pockets and purses, the wire around the gem was too fragile and the gem was lost. It was funny because when she opened it she remarked at how beautiful it was and that it would make a nice necklace.

They make me love drinking water

This is my favourite product bought here. I put the stones in my water dispenser. They impart taste of sweet minerals. After a day of drinking the water soaked in those stones, my body craves the water. It's a signal that this mineralized water is good for my body!

Perfect size for phone

I put it at the back of the phone and it blends.

Perfect size

I placed the plate where my left wrist rest on my computer. Usually I would feel drained and impatient after a long day sitting in front of my computer. Now I can a smoother energy flow throughout the day and less grumpy at the end of the day. I can feel its positive energy.

Good objects for meditation and rolling my belly

I received two balls that look similar. After sending the photos to Val, she called and helped me identify which one is the shungite stone. I placed each ball in my palm when I meditate. I like rolling one of the balls on my bell, especially around my liver. I don't feel much difference in my energy yet but will continue to observe.

Elite Shungite Nugget 188g on Polished Brazilian Agate, EMF Protection
James Strickland (Thonotosassa, US)
Shungite elite 188 grams

I've purchased shungite from all over and love the fact that when you order from this site your assured to get real elite shungite . Shipping was flawless , I will definitely buy from shungite queen again .

Lovely Shungite 8mm Bracelet

My Sungite Bracelet fits like a dream, it’s the perfect size for my wrist and I just love it as well as the great feeling I get knowing that Shungite is so protective against EMFs!!! Shungite is truly a gift from Mother Earth and I thank-you Valerie for bringing it to us!!!

Beautiful Chakra/ Shungite Bracelet!!

I love my Chakra Bracelet, the colors are gorgeous and go with whatever I’m wearing best of all I feel wonderful knowing that it balances all the Chakras and the Shungite is so protective against EMFs!! Thank-you Val for such gorgeous and at the same time protective jewelry!!! It’s a match made in Heaven!!!

Shungite & Sterling Silver Post Earrings, Bumpy Domes, EMF Protection
Sue (Naples, US)
Cutest Earrings Ever!!

These earrings are so Cute, feel very Light and Comfortable on my ears and are so Dainty too!!! Valerie was absolutely amazing with her Customer Service as I had a couple of questions for her and she got right back to me!!!

Shungite Shoulder Pads

I ordered two of the shoulder pads, one for me, one for my husband. They are wonderful for producing comforting pain relief. I use Shungite on any spot where I am experiencing pain, and usually, at least some relief comes fairly quickly. I also feel Shungite helps with EMF frequencies. Shungite Queen has excellent service; I trust this source as a reliable supplier of Shungite, and my pads arrived quickly.

Made my day!

Delivery was faster than I expected, and such a lovely, warm and heartfelt "presentation." Will be saving up to gift family members with bracelets and bags o' rocks of their own.

VF (New York, US)
Absolutely incredible!

I had a big order and was weary to order from a new place. But I read the reviews and decided to go ahead. I was not disappointed. Val is absolutely incredible. The products are beautiful, carefully packaged, and they arrived very quickly. The customer care that Val offers is incomparable. Don’t think twice - order from the shungite Queen!

Elite Shungite Water Detoxification Stones
Peadair O Connor (Dublin, IE)

Hello, I received the order , beautifully and carefully packed, they are just what I am looking for, I am delighted and thankful.... From peadair

Beautiful bracelet

I love my new bracelet. It fits perfectly and I wear it everywhere. I also leave it on at night without any problems, it is so comfortable. I will be ordering more!

Love it!

I use my healing pad every evening to relax any tight muscles before bed. I also put it under my pillow at night for added protection. Who would think sleeping on rocks would help me get a better, deeper night's rest!


My order arrive on time and was beautifully wrapped. My "bag of rocks" now sits beside my laptop in my office. Each rock is unique and beautiful and the bag is an added bonus for easily carrying them with me in my purse or car!


beautiful piece of pyramidal shungite. still evauluting its efficacy.

I have not actually had a chance to use it myself. My mom has taken charge of it and said it has been helping her her neck and shoulders. She has the healing pad as well. I don’t have the heart to take them from her and especially after she has given up so much for me as her child over the years. So, I will be ordering another set. Thanks

Bag O Rocks

There were 4 rocks, two small round flat polished rocks, I like those.
Third one is much larger, rectangle and unpolished, doesn't look as nice, a little disappointed.
Forth rock is not shungite, is smaller, like the two small shungite, clear beige color. Dont know what it is. Am a little disappointed in that, I think.
Your service is great. Arrived quickly.

Hi Velda,

Thank you for the review! All the shungite rocks are different - some shinier, some duller, some triangular, some rounder or flatter. I try to select a variety among the 4 ounces. The little non-shungite smaller tumbled stone is an extra - a gift! Each bag has a different variety type of tumbled rock.

A beauty of a Dog Charm

Our much loved Zig I feel is a little more chilled since wearing this - And hanging out near the other Shungite stones in the house. And he is definitely looking dapper while being protected from all the EMFs swirling around us. Thank you Val.

Beautiful as we as protective !

I have gifted two pieces of above and two pieces of the two-inch base pyramids to family. Secure in the knowledge that it is protecting my loved ones. Thank you Val. They are gorgeous and will be ordering more.

What a Beauty !

Was so excited to open above which was absolutely wrapped with loving care. Thank you Val. You're awesome. This as you say is a real stunner. A thing of beauty and protects the family at the same time. Will be ordering more as love being surrounded by these beautiful creation. My meditation practice just got deeper.

Love my Shungite Necklace!

The necklace is beautiful, I love it!!

Beautiful and impressive

This is quite a piece, I plan to gift it to my growing family. You can feel the power and steadiness emanating from it. With each arm of this three dimensional star sending good healing vibes to each family member !
Having ordered from The Shungite Queen before I always look forward to her packages. The shungite and other stones and materials are dependably high quality, her customer service is top notch and all the loving wrappings, cards, notes and treats to be found in the box are so delightfully full of TLC , it makes me feel like the Fairy Godmother just sent me a unique gift with a special touch :-)

The perfect pair for everyday wear!!

Seriously, I couldn’t be happier with my jewelry. I ordered these lovely Shungite/Sterling post earrings, which are wonderfully dainty, absolutely perfect for everyday wear, which I will be doing. Also ordered the 8-mm Shungite bead bracelet. The quality is excellent, as observed by the weight of the bracelet and strength of elastic. Listened to Val’s podcast w/Annmarie Gittleman, impressed, ordered same day, received next day, amazing—so happy. I have experienced migraines my entire life, and am sensitive to EMFs, just purchased earthrunner sandals for grounding, found an artesian well for an excellent water source, NOW have Shungite from the Shunghite Queen herself (happy with her 100% guaranteed tested)—am looking forward to feeling better. I am grateful for having found this resource, will be ordering more. Thank you so much.