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Shungite, Seraphinite, Charorite, Silver, Russian Trio

Beautiful earrings! I love the three stones together. I massage people for a living, these stones make me feel protected.

Genuine Turquoise & Black Shungite Necklace, 18 Inches, OOAK
Jennifer D'Alessandro (Wethersfield, US)
Happy customer

I’m very pleased with the quality and look of the necklaces I purchased for myself, my husband and our two young boys. I explained to my boys why we are wearing them and they are so into it. I love how mindful they are becoming. I feel better knowing we are all a little safer. Thank you Shungite Queen!

Healing pad

I’ve been struggling with neuropathy pain for over a year. I used my Shungite healing pad on my trunk area and woke up pain free several mornings since receiving my new pad

Elite Shungite Water Detoxification Stones
Charlie in Oregon (Gresham, US)
Shungite Water Detoxification Stones - and then some ...

Rather than using them to infuse water, I place a few ounces in small pouches and place them on or close to electronic devices in order to harmonize their electromagnetic fields. They can be placed on refrigerators and other appliances as well as on or adjacent to computers and any wifi device. I, also, carry an ounce or so of the stones in a pouch along with one of the black shungite donuts for personal emf protection. According to various folks, it is best to carry shungite in your left side pocket as it is considered to be better aligned with the feminine (left side).

Elite Shungite Water Detoxification Stones
Shungite Enthusiast (Phoenix, US)
Elite Shungite

These stones are fabulous! Shungite Queen offers the absolute best quality products. I live these and know you will, too.


They’re great. Nice pieces that are uniform in color. Sparkly little healers. Using them for my water as well as taping them to various acupoints, as I’m an acupuncturist. They work so well for that!!

Elite Shungite Water Detoxification Stones
Michelle Brewer (Safford, US)

I have been waiting to find nice stones for drinking water! I am so pleased with my order! I have mine in a glad pitcher...the taste of the water is so refreshing! I'm constantly comparing the taste with my filtered water...winner every time. I m still working my way up to an 8 oz. Glass ... I notice that It does give me some kind of energy so I don't drink it at night...Im very pleased with my beautiful crystal clear water!... Thank you for my order!

Small but with Presence

On my desk in my office & everyone wants to hover around it. This would be a great gift & will purchase more!

Shungite symmetry

Comfortable and stylish jewelry. Love them.

Perfect fit and beautiful

Just simply beautiful piece.

Unique Shungite Medallion with Amethyst Bead
Michael Ochoa (Lemon Grove, US)
Beautiful stone!!!

I really enjoy my new Shungite Stone. I wear it during the day when i use my electronics. I noticed a difference too. Less headaches. It really works!!!

Beautiful necklace

My husband doesn’t really say much, but this necklace caught his attention, very unique

A Little Snug

My wrist is 7" but this bracelet is a little too snug for me to wear all day. It appears to be very nicely made so I will pass it on to someone else.

Hi Donna,
Thank you for your feedback. I am happy to make you a larger one by a bead or two, if you return the bracelet! No problem at all on that. Send me an email and we can work out the specifics.
Gratefully, Val

I love my bracelet!

Knowing the healing properties of these gemstones makes me mentally feel better wearing it and I’m sure that translates to my physical health. It makes me happy and it’s so pretty too!

Shungite Bracelet

I absolutely love this bracelet. It came promptly and the product was exactly what I was expecting. I wear them every day and I am very happy with what I got. Thank you!


Yeah, I wear this shungite pendant everywhere. I had one before it, but it finally hit a hard surface floor wrong and broke - whereupon I immediately replaced it. I wear it for its protective qualities, for its beauty and because it is a connection to the natural world.

Shungite Water Detox Stones

This is such a fantastic product. I purchased an extra one for two sisters and they love the taste of their water. These are high quality Shungite stones. The Shungite Queen always has the very best! Thank you for your exceptional product. Love and health to you always.

Shungite Sphere

I put the shungite sphere in my bedroom to help me sleep. It took a couple day before it took effect. But now I am sleeping very soundly at night. Very happy with my purchase.

Shungite Disk Clip-On, Silver Hamsa Charm, Turquoise Cabochon
Elizabeth Johnson (Albuquerque, US)
Did not last a week

I liked the charm but it did even last a week. I clipped it onto my purse and during that first week the shungite and charm was missing from the clip. Very dissapointed. If I was to get another charm I would put it in my purse.

Hi Elizabeth,

I am so sorry to hear your charm failed! I will replace it or refund you - of course! I don’t have any more of the hamsa charms, but if there was another one you liked, I would send at no cost.

I am wondering if it may have been a bad locking ring, which is what attaches the shungite and charm to the carabiner clip.

If anything like that ever happens, all you have to do is send me an email. I will always make it right.

Let me know!



Very happy with this purchase. I do feel good when I ware my bracelet, and necklace.
I am not sure how and if this works with EMF's but I am drawn to ware them and feel a sense of calm and protection come over me.

Excellent product and customer service

I love the shungite necklace and sphere that I purchased. And in addition to the great quality and high craftsmanship of both items, Val was proactive in making sure that I had chosen the right length cord for the necklace, I had not. Her thoughtfulness was really helpful. I can't recommend her work and these shungite products enough!

Black Shungite Trapeze Pendant, EMF Necklace, Unisex, Geometric, Silver Bail
Shungite Trapazoid Necklace

I love this necklace, very stylish and comfortable to wear. Quick delivery by Shungite Queen and packaged well.

caution: glass bead can be mesmerizing!

This is both a classic piece and a fun one - the glass bead is both a focal and accent to the bracelet. Its easy to wear, doesn't feel bulky and I like knowing I can incorporate emf protection daily with jewelry pieces. I pair it up with other bracelets for different looks. I hope there will be a future bracelet like this with more glass beads (maybe 4) as a companion piece.

Don't miss out on these!

Purchased for the stone qualities and emf protection. However, I love these: lightweight that I forget I have them on, and, can wear most days as they pick up colors from all my clothes. To the observer its a "pair of earrings" but I know their true worth.

Quality piece

Quality piece. I had my eye on this necklace - or a very similar one - when I first bought a piece previously. This time around I had the funds to pick out whatever I wanted, so this was the first thing I went for. Its a classic piece goes with anything, well made and yes, the magnets DO work quite well. I also got a bracelet and chakra earrings that work together with this necklace, and with many other things I own.