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Val/Shungite Queen

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Donut Pendant

Very happy with my pendant I wear it continuously.


Very soothing to hold. Nice size.

Wellness Stones

I ordered 2 cubes and both had a small round chip on the edge, so I was a bite disappointed. I did not test the quality yet so I don't know about that yet.

Dark Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet w/30mm Shungite Donut, Stone Beads
Very nice Dark Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet w/30mm Shungite Donut, Stone Beads

Great bracelet, wonderful workmanship.. Could use an add’l snap in between originals for a “medium” wrist.

Love the Shungite

When i first picked up the rock from the packaging, immediately felt a relief from a reduction in waves hitting me. I keep it on me at my corporate office job and it helps me so much.

Very happy with my new bracelets, one for a friend and one for me.

Large ELITE Shungite Pendant, Argentium Silver Wrap, Handcrafted, OOAK

Stones are wonderful. Order arrived in a timely manner. Am very pleased.

Stunning Sphere

It's a beautiful sphere, emitting a powerful energy that feels uplifting, balancing and grounding.
Thank you Valerie!

Shungite Rocks!

I am already the happy owner of several pieces of shungite jewelry from Val but with all the news about how dangerous 5G is to people and animals I decided to add to my collection. My husband saw this new piece and when I explained the benefits he wanted to try wearing one of my other pieces - I doubt I'll ever get it back! Thank you Val for your knowledge, creativity, outstanding customer service and super fast delivery!


Nice looking item - keep in living room on coffee table and trusting it’s doing its stuff


Thumbs up - nice necklace - large stone


I injured my pelvic region a year ago which caused pain in lower back. Chiropractic procedures took the worst of the pain, but if I did too much my lower back would ache by the late afternoon where I would have to sit or lay down for a while. This is the second week using this pad if I am at my computer and I find I can do more without getting the ache. Bottom line, this healing pad is working for me.

A little big but Luv it!

I am wearing both necklace & bracelet. Have noticed a all around calmer self and not so angry at the world. These have been a life changer for me.
Thanks so much! 🥰

The best thing I ever bought!

I absolutely love my Shungite.Pendant wit the green aventurine stone. The minute it put it on I felt my vibrations change for the better. I am less stressed and feel more grounded that I ever have. Yes I wear it daily.
Thanks again Shungite Quuen ❤️

Great Necklace

I love this necklace! It is beautifully crafted and I've been wearing it every day since it arrived.

It's soooo good...

The bracelet does well in fitting on my RH wrist. It has helped me with my mobility. I wear it with Jenyl's Bali artisan jewelry. It's perfect.

Perfect necklace

The beautiful beads are complimentary to the earrings I purchased. I love the magnetic clasp! While I don't have EMF sensitivity (at least that I'm aware of) I do believe daily exposure to radiation is unhealthy. I work in a hospital laboratory, surrounded by electronic equipment. There are those wifi extender things in each hallway all throughout the hospital. I currently own three sets of shungite earrings and necklaces and wear them daily at work. Not only pretty but protective! By the way, shipping is very fast, too.

Perfect earrings

This is my third pair of earrings I've purchased from the Shungite Queen. The quality of craftsmanship is excellent. I love the complimentary colors...even the hook the beads are attached to is pretty. Two thumbs up!


Beautiful as usual. I’ve purchased many pieces and love everything. Never disappointed, great communication and quick shipping!


Absolutely love the bracelet, simple design and sized for a perfect fit. Think I’ll buy another to wear together!

Review of 50mm Shungite Donut Pendant

I have been wearing the Shungite Donut for about a month now; sometimes as a pendant, sometimes carrying it in a pocket. A main reason for carrying it is to harmonize EMF radiations.

I’ve tried out several devices from other companies in the past and have taken it on faith that they are doing “something.” With the Donut I can feel it working. What do I sense? For one thing I feel more grounded – with a smooth flowing energy – like having a cup of coffee without the jitters. And the donut shape feels substantial. I visualize a torus with energy spinning around the disk.

You can, also, slide one or more beads over the buckskin cord so that they sit right above the Donut. Depending on the type of stone or crystal that’s introduced, you may notice variations on how you feel. It’s fun to experiment with this.

One last thing: it seems to me that, when worn as a pendant, the Donut is especially potent when it lays against the solar plexus. My sense is that as it is warmed by your body there is a mutual and beneficial resonance created.


I absolutely love this bracelet! The metal clasp with the magnets is a plus! The holding seems to wear down a little bit and marks easily but is durable.