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Based on 599 reviews
Much better sleep

I got 2 sets of the XL stones and I am able to sleep much better. Will be getting the pyramid later but I am sure glad I purchased these. Thank You so much

No more foggy head

Good quality shungite. I wear day and night and do not take it off. It has been too long to remember feeling so clear in the head. Brain fog is gone. This is not something I really correlated until a week or so of wearing but believe it is the factor helping. Hope this helps someone with a similar affliction.

Love my harmonizers

This Shungite/Steatite Harmonizer set is just perfect! Beautifully polished pieces with a very nice, balanced feel in the hands. I also appreciate the gorgeous buttery soft velvet pouch that they came in......very nice touch, thank you Shungite Queen!

For beginners

Great for beginners, especially uncertain teens who are a bit concerned with the coolness, and having to explain themselves.

Confidence stones

I advise folks to carry this size stone on their person, particularly when entering a challenging environment.
Everyone likes to handle the stone, to rub out their angst, their worries. I didn't want to say 'worry stone' but as it turns out...

Great gifts

Irregular lumps given as gifts may come from the heart, but pyramids light up a fancy and seal the deal.

I Love My Charoite Earrings !

The Chariot stones are marbled with blacks, purples, lavenders, and white. The Chariot stones combined with Shungite make it a very beautiful and healing combination. I'm proud to be wearing them. Many thanks for another beautiful gift.

Elite Shungite & Selenite Sphere Garden

The garden is beautiful. The Elite Shungite glistens and the Selenite sphere shows reflections. It's not only a garden, it is a piece of history as the Shungite is 2 billion years old. The garden is very attractive, it is a healing garden, and adds beauty to the home. I love it ! Thank You, Val

this is a perfect piece for a solid piece that will also work for anyone.

Shungite Disk Clip-On, Silver Hamsa Charm, Turquoise Cabochon

this was a perfect piece for a friend of mine that is a palm reader. She can has protection and still
have a piece that shows what she does.


The Enormous Shungite Sphere is a beautiful piece of art. It is made of stone that is 2 billion years old and is only found in Karelia, Russia. It is truly an amazing stone. It protects the Home from EMF's and protects our Health. It is truly a Gift of Life. The energy in the house is calm and relaxed and a feeling that Life Is Good. The Enormous Shungite Sphere is an Investment In Your HEALTH! It's one more item to add to your tool box of Health, so treat yourself to a more happy, healthy, YOU. Thank you, Val

Stretchy Camo Fabric Bracelet, Shungite Donut, Green & Black Ties
cameo bracelet

The Cameo Bracelet is just perfect. This is a gift and I wanted something that would be easy to wear, be attractive and also would protect my friend...It is comfortable and fits the bill perfectly!

Shungite Earrings, Geometric, Sterling Silver, Split Hoop, Modern
Great earrings!

Unique earrings, very comfortable, nice comments on them.

Stunning and Beautiful

The packages arrived today; we made sure that we would be home when it arrived. It was packed well and everything was fine. Bernie carefully removed the Enormous Shungite Sphere from the box and placed it on its handcrafted wood stand on the marbled platform in front of the fireplace. At night the Shungite Sphere shows reflections of the light in the house and it is STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL !!! The experience is priceless.!

Thank you so much for offering to the public the opportunity to buy a handcrafted piece of art, sculptured out of stone that is 2 billion years old, and is only found in one place, Karelia, Russia. It has a history that goes back to the beginning of time, protects against EMFs, is a healing stone, and it will be enjoyed by many as it is passed down to family or friends. As time goes on, the stone will be worth more each day and it will continue to protect and heal many generations to come.

Bernie likes his Elite Shungite Garden with his selenite sphere and the smooth polished Shungite pocket stone is in his pocket. I'm sure he'll keep it in his pocket everyday. I like my Charoite and Shungite earrings. I'll take another look at your Charoite pendants. I think the Charoite will become my favorite stone.

This afternoon Bernie took a walk around the block and muscle tested (he uses the O ring muscle test) how far the Enormous Shungite Sphere radiates its frequency. He found that it radiated 150 feet in all directions. That means that the house next door is protected and the house across the street is also protected. We live on a corner lot.


It Was the Right Choice

It's the right size for my phone. Fits snug and has a slim profile. Doesn't catch on the insides of pockets.


The necklace is beautiful gift for a friend. The presentation was great. It all brought a smile to my face. I just wrapped it all up to give to her. Thank you.


I would have to say that we love this piece of jewelry. The attention to detail from the packaging to the quality and attention to detail is top notch. Nothing to worry about doing business with Shungite Queen.

A gift for my sister

She loves it and says it keeps her safe :))

Lepidolite & Shungite Necklace, EMF Protection, Calm & Stability
So calming

It’s a beautiful necklace and I feel protected and calm when I am wearing it💃

Very nice

Beautifully polished sphere and looks great on its stand. Really fast shipping. A noticeable difference in my living room with the sphere on a mantle. Much "calmer." Much "quieter." Thanks!

Lepidolite & Shungite Necklace, EMF Protection, Calm & Stability
LOVE my new necklace!

Just treated myself to this primal looking necklace. I muscle tested the effectiveness of the shungite stone: it does protect me from EMF (computer, cell phone, etc). Very happy with the way it looks also.

First time Shungite water user

I heard about shungite water at a cystal class that I went to and I was intrigued by this stone and how many benefits it has, so I decided to try making the water with the elite stones and found Shungite Queen and the enitre process was super simple came with directions and I got it quick!! Thank you, I have only been drinking the water for about a week now and I have to say my sinuses are already clear and not all cogged up with this fall weather...thank you , I will follow up as I drink the water more!

Excellent service and product

Thank you. Love the service and the piece. Bought one for a friend, too.

Chakra Bracelet, Shungite Plus 14 Other Gemstones

I asked my husband to buy me the earrings and bracelet for a Christmas present. Once they arrived in its beautiful package he said wear them now! He has seen a transformation since I began wearing the Shungite Earrings with Red Jasper and Pyrite Beads, EMF Protection, Health, Longevity, Prosperity. Valerie...your jewelry is stunning. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Shungite Bracelet, Ocean Jasper, Red Aventurine, Red Tiger's Eye
Shungite Bracelet, Ocean Jasper, Red Aventurine, Red Tiger's Eye

This is such a lovely bracelet. It will be a Christmas present to my daughter. I know the properties of the stones and shungite will greatly enhance her life. I will probably give it to her at Thanksgiving so she can begin to enjoy wearing it.