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Val/Shungite Queen

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Even with the measurements... seemed bigger than I imagined. Absolutely perfect and beautiful....and this baby is solid! I put it on my desk to both set my phone on and protect myself from all the stray EMF signals from my wireless printer, computer, wifi, etc. I will probably get another large piece for upstairs, since that's where my husband's office is, and probably something for our bedroom, just to be on the safe side. Who knows, maybe it will help me sleep better! :)

Wearing EMF protection

This shungite pendant is exactly as represented on the website. Sure, I had to educate myself on millimeters to inches, which was very useful. If my grandson sits down to my computer, he gets to wear the donut! I discovered that I'm not really into wearing a necklace, so I'm very glad that I also ordered the elasticized bracelet of shungite beads which I love. An acquaintance suggested I order direct from Russia and save money, but I wanted to order from a company and person that I felt I could trust. Val and her website were recommended to me by a friend, and the jewelry and other products are truly beautiful and artful.

Precious Pebbles

I purchased this bag of rocks(!) in order to make shungite water per Val's instructions on the website. One bag is good for about one gallon of water. I have a smaller water pitcher, so I placed almost half of the pebbles in a dish on my shelf---handy to move around to wherever I choose. I have suffered no ill effects from the shungite water, in case anyone is wondering, and I'm assuming I'm benefitting from the invisible good effects. I read somewhere that shungite can influence or help to balance the root chakra----maybe this contributes to my current opening to root chakra issues? In any case, I am simply drawn to the beauty and bioenergetic properties of earth's treasures and am delighted with my purchase.

Beautiful and Protective

This shungite sphere is a beautiful gray/black with unique striations and muted areas of light and dark. The wooden stand is low profile and natural. I have positioned it right next to my router behind my laptop on my desk. I chose this sphere after reading every bit of information on the website regarding shungite and which shape, sphere or pyramid or block, to use. Based on that information, the sphere shape will work best in my studio living environment where my desk and bed are in the same room. I love it! I love holding it in my hands, too. Val shipped out my order on the same day I placed the order. Talk about customer service....I am grateful.


State of the art customer service, superb and informative product information, beautiful looking products.

As an integrative medicine consultant, I find that Shungite Queen fills a deeply important need for quality solutions to EMF exposure.

5-Star Highly recommended!

Bill Quateman
Advanced BioCell

Fine pyramid craftsmanship

So few pyramids get cut perfectly! This is very precise, clean edges, needle-sharp point! A real bargain for the price.

I bought the necklace for my husband and he absolutely loves it. The workmanship is impeccable and he acknowledges that he feels calmer and more focused. He tells me that he hasn't felt this good in a long time. I plan to shop your site more for other family members....... Thank you....Joyce D

Perfect size

This phone plate is exactly what I was expecting. I have it on the back of my phone, but I am concerned that the glue wears off and the plate falls off with the risk of losing it.

Hi Rocio, thank you for your comments! I've had good luck with the adhesive. Only one time have I had one fail, out of hundreds. I've had one attached to the outside of my cell phone case for about a year, and it's held in spite of my continuously sliding it in and out of my purse pocket. I'm impressed that the glue has held, so hopefully yours will also.

I sent the shungite medallion with unakite necklace as a gift to my aunt and she loves it. She interacts with people a lot during the day and she said she had more energy while wearing it. She also said that it helped her sleep better at night. She also really liked the deer hide leather and wearing it is very comfortable for her. Going to check out some of the shungite items for myself and for my family. Thanks Shungite Queen for great shipping and feedback on when the item arrived!

Very nice

I like the looks of the necklace. I especially like the feel of it. I'm not sure it's helping with EMF's but I do plan on buying more shungite. I try to do everything I can that might help shield me from EMF's.


This pendant is perfect. It is the second one I have purchased
Prompt service and shipping.
I wear both pendants everyday.
Thank you

Happy Ears!

As always I received a quick response to my order and prompt shipping. Your stellar customer service is so appreciated! I lost my favorite Shungite earrings and was concerned about my consistent exposure to EMFs without them. I once again have beautiful earrings and happy ears! Thanks Val!!!

Very Happy!

I recently ordered 3 items from Val and could not be happier with my purchases. I am in Canada and did have to pay duty but it's well worth it as I could not find anything here that comes close to the quality of Val's. I feel better knowing I have a little protection from EMF'S!

Great Service and Genuine Product

The Shungite Queen was very responsive to my many questions on shungite and this necklace prior to our purchase, and made sure we got the product when we wanted it. I wanted to try a product that could potentially improve my son's EMF symptoms on the days that his daycare takes him to the park, which is right by a cell phone tower. After tracking his behavior for some time, I am certain that the shungite has improved the more immediate physical and behavioral symptoms, but it's understandable that the shungite can only do so much next to a cell phone tower, so his night time symptoms still persist. I appreciate having the shungite necklace to help lessen the damage from EMFs that we can't avoid in public spaces

HOLDING during Meditation

I am not sure I like to hold something during meditation. I have placed them on my thighs. I hope that is good too (?)

Thank you Noelle! A woman after my own heart! I actually do the same thing with the harmonizers. I place them in the crease of my thigh instead of holding them in my hands, and I actually prefer that as they make my hands too 'buzzy.' I think as long as they are in our energy field, we are getting the benefits. I also have some slightly smaller/lighter ones on order - little spheres - which may be a bit more suitable for the hands. But the cylinders do sit nicely in the 'crease' so two good options! I really appreciate the review - thank you! Gratefully, Val
The Absolute Best

Wow! I waited a few weeks to write this review as I wanted to be sure of what I was finding. I put the tumbled stones in our office (they entire set is very beautiful)- without my husband's knowledge. We both work from home on our computers and in the last year+ it has been almost impossible for my husband to make it through the day without feeling ill and needing to nap. Since day 2 of having the shungite in our office he has not napped and has complained much less of feeling ill. As he does not know about the shungite, I know that he is not giving me a false reaction based on hope. I have also noticed that I am not as weary and nervous during the day. I would say that this is a must for anyone that wants protection from EMF's. Also, Val is an amazing person - very kind and helpful. Yes, this product is absolutely worth it!

Absolutely love it!

This necklace is exactly what I had been looking for. I love the style and I find that I do feel different when wearing it. It feels 'warm' to me as it lies against my skin and it feels like it is offering me protection. I am not a woo-woo type of person, but I do fully believe in the power of natural healing. This product is something that I will suggest to anyone that is looking for protection from the EMF's in our world. Also, as an added plus, Val is an amazing person to work with; very kind, patient and helpful. Yes, you should purchase one of Val's products : )

Shungite Necklace for Child, Caged Shungite Bead, Pink
My daughter loves it!

My daughter and I wear our shungite necklaces almost everyday. We call them our protection stones :)

I love it!

I love this necklace. I wear it almost everyday for protection. It's gorgeous too!


A great product. Beautiful and very well made. I wear them with pretty much everything and find comfort in the EMF protection properties of the shungite. Two thumbs up!


After I placed my order, I received a call a few days later from the owner, Valerie. She informed me that she was not comfortable sending me a necklace from her recent shipment of pendants. There was a defect, so she offered me a refund or the opportunity to choose another pendant. She emailed me photos of three other pendants to choose from, and I immediately fell in love with one right away. I wear it every day and get compliments and questions about it all the time. And the emf protection is just a bonus, but I’ll be buying another, larger piece of shungite soon. Thank you, Valerie!!!

Small lovely

I got a few extra amasythets and see the crystal as Jesus and the disciples.. are bowing down


I am really happy with my shungite bricks! They also came with a beautiful wood base to set the stones on. I would have purchased more, however at that time I got the last three they had in stock!