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High Quality Sphere!

I purchased the 3 inch shungite sphere with the wooden bottom for my bedroom in April and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Sometimes things that you buy online look different when you receive them. Not this! It is very well made and very dense. It is 3 inches but looks larger and the wood beneath it is sturdy as well. I received a lovely thank you card with my order and a sweet treat. I will be ordering other products because I trust the quality of the products that Val aka The Shungite Queen is making for her customers.


I love my bracelet....its beautiful and fits perfect. Got it very quickly after ordering. Thank you, Val !!


Such a beautiful bracelet. I got this for my mom for Mother’s Day and almost kept it for myself! I may have to get my own if it because I did feel very drawn to it and when you’re drawn to certain crystals and rocks it’s usually because you’re needing it.
Val’s customer service is incredible, she truly cares about what she makes and is a wealth of information. The fast shipping was the icing on the cake. I plan to purchase from her again.
Thanks Val!

EMF protection Necklace with Round Shungite Disc

Since almost everything I order from this site I give to my mom (because she is so wonderful), I decided that I would keep this necklace for myself. I love it. I wear it to work and it does help me to sleep better too.

Shungite, Sodalite, Denim Lapis Necklace

I got this necklace for my mom for Mother's day. It is beautiful and she loves it. EMF protection can be beautiful!!! It was elegantly wrapped and it shipped quickly. The Shungite Queen is great!! Everything I have ordered from this site is amazing and of great quality.

Shungite Healing Pad

I got this Shungite Healing Pad for my mom and she absolutely loves it!! She is recovering from multiple pelvic fractures and this definitely helps with the aches and pains and is speeding up her healing. It is amazing!!!!

Elite Shungite Water Detoxification Stones
Renee (Westlake Village, US)
Quality Elite Shungite

I am very happy with my order. The elite shungite was carefully packaged along with instructions on how to make shungite water. Thank you!

Very pleased!

I love my bag of shungite stones with a surprise bonus pink stone! They came in a colorful and sturdy bag. The package arrived quickly, and a lot of effort was put in the presentation. Thank you!

Elite Shungite Pendant With Kyanite, 38g, Artisan Woven Argentium Silver
Marj (Greeneville, US)
Gorgeous protection

Modulation that you can feel! With a 24" chain, I wear it close to my heart.

Love this

Bracelet is beautiful. My stones were more green than the photo shows but I love it. It goes with everything. It fits perfectly.

Multiple uses

I carry one in my pants pocket. I have one by the microwave, router and tv. I like to think they give some protection. I was thrilled to get a pink one in the group. The stones are various sizes and smooth surface. Very pretty.

Sweet Dreams

The 6 inch Sphere shines all the time from the reflections of the light. It looks beautiful sitting on my dresser. I enjoy its even radiance of protection. The Sphere was the right solution to ward off EMFs from the power line near the two bedroom windows. I sleep deep and feel rested; I have more energy during the day and I appreciate my Sweet Dreams. Thank you Val, for all you do for all of us!!! Diane

Love This Pad

This pad works very well and I like it as much as the bigger one. This one is just better for smaller areas and is also good for pets. I am very pleased with all of the products I have purchased from Shungite Queen and with the customer service.

Beautiful Necklace

This necklace looks as pretty in person as in the picture. I love the magnetic closure.

Love This Pad

I've only had this pad about 2 weeks but so far it's been great. I place it over my stomach, hips, thighs and lower back while sleeping and it really does seem to relieve pain and inflammation. The size is good for covering larger areas and it feels very comforting and is not too heavy.

Wifi protection

Placed the large plate on my wifi receiver for EMF protection. Noticed along with a few other shungite stones in my home calm and gentle energy. And sleeping better at night.

Simply beautiful

Once again I am in awe of the beautiful pyramid stone. Perfection in its cutting and polish. True masters the individuals who shape these from hard rock. The point is needle sharp (so be careful with young children). I actually ordered this and the 4 inch base pyramid. Completely different in the cut and shape but both magnificent. The energy from these beauties in my home is so calming and centering. Even my plants seem to be happier and healthier. Shungite is a master energy stone/gift from Mother Earth. A true ally. I cant imagine not having them in my home now that they are here. Shungite will be gifted to family members as I believe every home should have at least one. Valerie thank you for continuing to make these very special stones available to all of us. Your care and attention to making sure they arrive wrapped so not to get damaged and arrive in a timely manner are appreciated. You can rest easy knowing from this source the stones are the real deal. So Happy to have found Val/ Shungite. Also deep sleep at night an added bonus. Not to mention the protection from EMF.

Graduation gift

The piece I ordered is absolutely lovely. I hope she wears it as it is her favorite color. I wish I would of bought a bracelet also. Maybe I will for my self. The order was shipped fast and had a little note about shungite which was very helpful to people who are new to the product.

Elite Shungite

Awesome bag of ancient rocks. It's very neat to hold them knowing their powers. Purchased to put in my water dispenser. Thank you :)

Black Shungite Slab, Midnight Lace Obsidian Obelisk, Quartz, Lapis
Petra Kaemmer (Yale, CA)
Highly Recommend please buy from SHUNGITE QUEEN she deserves the Business!

World Class Classy, cares about her product and the customer. Everything is what I expected and more! Beautiful piece of Lapis polished and heart shaped, something I have wanted for a long time, something close to my heart. A couple of unique quartz shapes and an Awesome Midnight Lace Obsidian Obelisk, all on a Shungite slab. Val takes the time to thank her customers, and that is Rare as heck in this day and age. Thank you kindly, will definitely be a repeat customer :)

Love necklace

I love my Shungite beaded necklace. The length is perfect and so are the size of beads. I love the all black. Put it on the day I received it and only take it off to shower or getting wet. . Sleeping so much better since wearing these and the other shungite stones that I now have in my home. Again so happy to have found Val and all her beautiful stones, gardens, and jewelry. Will be adding more as my budget allows. You are the best Val keep doing what you are doing!!


Love the bag of rocks with the surprise! A lot of care put in the package. Val is most kind and helpful.

Shungite water

Superb process from browsing to paying to delivery. Beautifully personalised, thank you.
Drinking Shungite water for 2 weeks has had several positives for me.
In my line of work I lift heavy materials every day and at 50+, recovery time from work and injury ìs somewhat slower than previous decades. Two weeks of Shungite water has resulted in a reduction of Turmeric and Serrapeptase! Im so much more comfortable than ive been in the last 5 years.
I also bought a pendant as a gift for my nephew and will review it once we've met this weekend.
Many many thanks for these beautiful stones and their effects.

Harriet L (San Francisco, US)
Vendor changed my necklace clasp for me at no charge

I didn't like the heavy magnetic clasp which came with the necklace so I returned it to get a lightweight simple claw clasp. Quick and easy.

Shungite Healing Pad

Products are delivered very fast and wrapped wonderfully by the Shungite Queen. This shungite healing pad is small and easy to use. Lloyd Burrell who is an expert in EMF protection highly recommends the Shungite Queen products. You will be very pleased with anything that you order from this company.