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Val/Shungite Queen

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Shungite/Sodalite Rear View Mirror Dangle
Loooove it
I like Shungite
Haven’t noticed a change yet
Whether a person notices a change or not differs for everyone. As far as the markings you show in the pictures, that is a natural vein running through the shungite. These are quite common and add to the beauty of the stone, and are one way you can tell you have genuine shungite. I would NEVER send a broken/glued piece to anyone. I have a section about the natural mineral veins and inclusions on my FAQ page, .
Haven’t noticed a change yet.
Beautiful piece
Great product
Shungite & Pyrite Rearview Mirror Dangle, Car Accessory, Shungite for Car, EMF, Luck, Safety
Thankful for Shungite
ELITE Shungite Pendant, Sterling Silver Setting, Lost Wax Casting
Love all I purchased❣️
Black Shungite Tile w/Polished Carnelian Free Form & Elite Shungite Nugget
Trapeze Pendant
Wonderful bracelet
Very nice products
Very nice products
Excellent Craftsmanship!
EMF Necklace w/Round Shungite Disk, Shungite Pendant, Circle
Genuine Shungite! + note to Lightworkers
Genuine shungite! + Note to 'lightworkers' ...
Well Made
As promised
Clarity, Care, and Deep Sleep