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Making shungite water every night. Like the taste of the water. It is very refreshing.

Dark and dramatic.

My son, who never wears jewelry, loves it!


Elegant look, hangs beautifully – the Tiger's Eyes really glow!

It’s so beautiful !

It’s in my mantle and protects my entire living space 💕
In the photo a blue orb appeared!

Love Love Love my Bracelet

I love my Bracelet so much I wear it everyday 24 hours a day, I want to protect myself at all means. Better safe the Sorry is my Motto.

Love my Rock

I love my Rock its so slim and I keep it in my Pocket all the time never can be to safe against the EMF these days. Well worth the purchase. Love it!

Protection at its Best

I believe it helps with the Protection against EMF.

Adorable and functional

I love how well my shungite plate looks on my phone. The adhesive is amazing and I love the accent that the shungite gives it. Plus emf protection!!

Love this piece- have had it on my phone for weeks and adhesive works great! Very cute and love the fact that it’s a functional and useful “accessory”.

Shungite, Iolite, Charoite, & Rose Quartz, Long Necklace on Hand-Knotted Silk
Beautiful necklace

Since receiving my necklace, I've been wearing it almost daily because it's so attractive, and may be making me feel good too! I love the subtle mix of colors creating a greyed purple hue. It's quite long and flexible enough that the strand can be easily roped around the neck twice into a shorter, double strand – which is quite chic!

EMF Sensitivity

I have chronic Lyme with a sensitivity to emfs. Immediately after putting on the pendant I felt a calm come over my body. I wear it every day and it's near my bed as I sleep. It also looks amazing. Thank you.

Shungite adhesive for phone

I did not receive the adhesive. I was looking to buy 7 but it didn't allow me. An alert popped up and said "it was out of stock." I thought I deleted the item buy ended up paying for one (1). However, I didn't receive it.


I enjoy the size, and quality of my Shungite Necklace quite a bit. Upon wearing it, I found myself feeling more grounded, and I truly do believe that it's effects are working for me.

for my kids!

These stay in my kids pockets during the days!


These are the perfect size and shape. I always have one on me!


This was a birthday gift for my daughter's 12th birthday. She thought it was beautiful and couldn't wait to display it in her room, I was happy because it is protecting her from EMF!

I love wearing this piece stacked with my smaller beads <3 very pleased


Beautiful!!! . I feel great wearing these !!!

I am wearing and loving my Precious Shungite Earrings

Praise Mighty Yahuah, My Precious Shungite Earrings are Beautiful/Lightweight/Comfortable on my ears. I have No adverse reactions from these Precious Shungite Earrings. I recommend buying these Precious Shungite earrings for your Mother, Sister and Daughter, I Love them and I Will Continue to Support the Shungite Queen's Beautiful Products❤❤❤❤❤!!!!

Stretchy Pink & Purple Arm Band, Shungite & Lapis, Wrist Tattoo Cover
Love it!

When I discovered my daughter’s school used WiFi, I knew I needed to send her off with some shungite. She picked out a lovely “mermaid” cuff that she now happily wears all the time.

Adorable EMF Protection

My little girl loves having her very own shungite dangle to take to school with her and to hang on her bedpost at night. The cute pink elephant is easy for her to take wherever she goes!

Love this

Love this bracelet. I am a huge turquoise fan and this bracelet does not disappoint. I wear it daily.

Black Shungite Trapeze Pendant

Having purchased the Black Shungite Trapeze Pendant a couple of years ago, i noticed its healing properties over a number of months where i was in close contact with the 5G towers, unfortunately the pendant fell off the neck-less a couple of times, the first time it was chipped, the second i could not find it and immediately sought after purchasing another, i was in immediate contact with Shungite Queen (Val) and she was very sympathetic and kind enough to forward another pendant for me free of charge!, i was very surprised by her professionalism and caring nature, she is one of a kind, thank you Val you really made my day!