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Val/Shungite Queen

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I haven't had the products long enough yet to test them, which I hope to do very soon with an EMF counter (that a friend is bringing for me to try).
If the results are good, I will probably be buying more. Otherwise, I am happy with the products and the service.

Thank you for your review, Donna. I haven't done a FAQ about this yet , but EMF meters are not a reliable way to test shungite. If you consider how shungite works, it makes sense. Shungite's special molecular structure does not 'block' EMF's but rather transforms their vibrational qualities into more biologically compatible ones. EMF meters are quantitative only - they measure the levels of EMF but NOT vibrational qualities. In fact, when I was testing this out myself, I got the same meter changes when passing my hand between the meter and the EMF source as when I passed a piece of shungite between the two. The larger the object, the more the drop in EMF... be it a shungite sphere or a block of wood or a hand. You can read more about the unique way shungite works in Regina Martino's book 'Shungite.'

what an amazing chunk of shungite!! i am so glad i bought this. it was bigger than i expected and i just love it.
very easy company to work with. beautiful quality of all the many items i purchase. quick delivery too.
thank you.


i love all the items i recently received from the shungite queen! the quality and craftsmanship was top-notch. and the quick service was very welcomed. thanks!!

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Love these earrings both because they are beautiful and afford EMF protection. Thank you, Val! Another winner!

I may sound crazy, but....

I discovered the Shungite Queen website after reading an article by Val Burke on GreenMedInfo about the power of shungite. I came to the Shungite Queen site and ordered some elite shungite and made shungite water. After drinking it for weeks and getting noticeable results--I no longer get nasty head pressure when I go into stores or areas with a lot of rf/wifi-- I then turned to picking out a piece of jewelry to wear when I go off my property, because electropollution is so bad these days, I want to protect myself.

I expected to wear the necklace on my weekly shopping trips, but things didn't turn out that way. When I got the necklace, I fell in love with it and immediately put it on. I have found it impossible to take it off except to shower. I even wear it to bed at night. I know it sounds a bit weird, but the shungite seems to have formed a bond with me, and I just feel so good when I wear it. I suspect it may be in part because shungite is such a powerful healer for the first chakra. I've always had a tendency to be ungrounded, and the shungite seems to help me feel thrilled to be in this body. If only I'd known years ago! I am in the process of looking into getting a shungite bracelet, as it appears I am going to become a shungite queen. I just have to have more shungite! I love it!

I love crystals, but I have never had the powerful reaction or attraction to any type of crystal that I have to shungite. I do believe it is tremendously powerful and healing and could help a lot of people in more ways than just protecting against non-native EMFs. The quality and beauty of Val's pieces are remarkable just in themselves, and she provided excellent customer service and attention to helping you pick exactly the right thing for your needs.

Great gift idea!

I bought this necklace as a gift for a friend who has problems with non-native EMFs. Not only is the necklace classy, it doesn't have a metal chain that makes a ring of metal around the neck--she's told me she won't wear that. The clasp is easy to use, and the necklace is beautifully designed and perfect for both casual and dress wear. Excellent quality and workmanship are obvious, and I really appreciated the personal attention given me by the artist and shungite expert, Val Burke, as I struggled to figure out the best length for my friend. This is a gift that is both beautiful and protective.

Not adjustable

Lovely shungite but unfortunately cord is unadjustable.

Thank you for your review, Shae! I'm sorry you would have preferred an adjustable necklace. I would have been happy to make it that way had you requested that type of customization. The listing describes and shows a 'stationary knot' and allows people to customize to the length (and color) of their choosing, and then I make it per those specifications unless I get a note requesting otherwise. An adjustable knot would be a completely different design, which I can totally do IF I know that's a person's preference, but I did't know.
Shungite Earrings, Fine Silver, EMF Protection, Threader Style
Pretty but too delicate

Beautiful but note that the silver is VERY soft so too bendable

Hi Shae, thank you for taking the time to do the reviews. I appreciate it! I agree that these are quite delicate. The reason is the pure 100% silver metal, which is required in order to create the melted silver ball design. Pure silver is softer than sterling. I continue looking for alternatives that have more stiffness and can still be melted. Besides the beauty, the other nice thing about pure silver is that it will never tarnish, so upsides and downs! If it does bend, you can gently bend it back into position.
Shungite for EMF protection

The shungite bracelet I ordered was well made and of a good quality and it is quite remarkable to have a stone that is possibly over a billion years old on my wrist. As I work in a high EMF environment, I have worn the bracelet every day since and although my experience is subjective, I do feel that it has made a difference to my concentration, level of stress and general sense of well being. The Shungite Queen was a pleasure to deal with and her quality parcel tracking system allowed me to see exactly where my parcel was during the very busy Christmas season. I would certainly recommend buying from the Shungite Queen.

perfect for adolescent boy

It is understated and masculine. My son loves to wear it everyday.

Wear it everyday

I consider this a very good purchase. I wear it everyday.


I bought 2 necklaces -- one with a shungite stone and some other stones and one for my husband that had a shungite stone. We love them and wear them all the time.

Just beautiful!

This necklace was just perfect, and exudes a wonderful calming effect. I purchased it to offset a stressful holiday season, but I wear it often because of it's sheer beauty.

Great to have anywhere

We put next to night stand for extra protection

Daughter wears all the time and loves it!!

Excellent for her to wear at school where there is EMF WiFi all over the place

Love my Shungite Heart!

Nice necklace, can also wear it backwards as a small choker as the clasp is quite lovely too.

My new favorite companion

I found the Shungite Queen as a suggestion for EMF protection and chose the bracelet because I could add it to a small collection of bracelets I basically never take off. The Shungite really grounds me well with the other wood and glass beads on leather bands. I love the soft quality of the beads, the fit is perfect. I had a quick question when it came in the mail and they were great about answering my question and checking back in with me. So nice, great experience all around. I've already bonded with the bracelet and thinking about who I can order more for as gifts.

Shungite bracelet

The bracelet I ordered is the perfect size bead 10mm and perfect fit on my wrist. I love the smooth, matte
black Shungite beads, I wear this bracelet every day with whatever other bracelets I wear. I even sleep in it.
It is super sturdy. I would purchase again.

Fun, classy design

I love the fun triangle shape! And the necklace looks great with everything I wear. I also appreciate the magnetic clasp -- simple conveniences like this are the best. Thank you!

Additionall EMF protection

After purchasing and wholeheartedly enjoying the beauty and protection of our gorgeous new shungite medallions created by the Shungite Queen, my wife and I both opted for a bit more protection and well being by ordering a pair of shungite pocket stones which we carry daily. So very nice to have that clean energy close to the root chakra with all its grounding properties. And that wonderful feeling of those black polished discs between our fingers makes us smile all the more.
Thank you so very much Your Majesty for the improvements your have brought to our lives. We are forever grateful for your creations.

Polished Shungite stones

I've ordered about 5 sets of these tumbled stones. I absolutely love them. There's a certain energy to them -- strongly grounding, yet peaceful and calming. I find myself just holding them in my palms when I am at my computer. They just FEEL so good; and they are just so beautiful too. The seller has a very beautiful, honest and trustworthy energy also. She is so wonderful to work with-- very honest and kind. She is probably the only person I would buy Shungite from, as I trust that she is selling authentic Shungite.