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Val/Shungite Queen

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We talked over the phone & Queen was able to adjust this to fit a child’s necklace.


Easy to wear, ball is a bit big for me, an adult even.

Hi Anya, I'm sorry you did not find the bead as described. I do my best to show the size of the bead, even including a photograph in the listing that shows a closeup of the bead next to a quarter. Most people want more shungite versus less, and the smaller the bead (or the smaller any shungite piece), the less protective. If you wish to return it, please contact me via email, Thank you!

I don’t know how to say I love this necklace a lot! It’s beautifully done....

It works! And it's beautiful!

After careful research and consideration, checking out all the internet offerings of Shungite jewelry I chose Shungite Queen. I am so glad I did! The quality and craftsmanship of her work is amazing. The shungite medalion on the necklace is a very generous size, weighty, very beautiful and high quality. I put it on as soon as it arrived (which was super quick!) and found myself at my computer later that evening and realized how much less irritable and stressed I was feeling. I am sensitive to electronics and this has really helped. I feel more relaxed and grounded. Not only are the beads and shungite of exceptional quality, but the leather, the findings, everything that went into this jewelry is top quality. Not the least expensive available on the internet, but totally worth every penny. Shungite Queen truly is the Queen! I had some special requests and Valerie was so sweet and concerned about creating exactly what I wanted. She answered my questions immediately, figured out what I wanted and voila, I got it! The shungite itself is absolutely beautiful. It feels wonderful on, and I never want to take it off! I am looking forward to ordering more in the future knowing that what I will get will be even more amazing than the pictures on the website (which are already quite beautiful!)

Shungite Disk Clip-On

The ShungiteQueen was quick to reply to my request to use an alternate clip for this accessory. Item shipped less than 3 days from when I ordered it. The product is just perfect and I have worn it every day since receiving it. After having trouble deciding on the numerous jewelry items offered by Val, it seemed that an item I could clip to my clothes and wear daily was more practical at this time. I must say that I do not notice the dull headache come on after a few minutes of screen time or checking email on my phone. It seems to be working as advertised and I am very satisfied. Can’t wait to order a few pieces of jewelry to add to my personal Shungite collection!

Delicious water

I was pleased to receive my elite stones very promptly. I placed them in my water filter and found the taste reminded me of drinking from a fresh spring in my youth! I highly recommend them!

Beautiful and very sensitive

I love it; it works very strongly as a pendulum and has given me more health and vitality. Unfortunately, having only had it for a few weeks and having always kept it close to me I seem to have mislaid it just a few days ago. I am hoping it will come back to me otherwise I shall certainly have to buy a new one!

so peaceful

i never take it off except to shower so much more at peace.

all aroud health

very pleased i sleep so soundly its amazing all around i feel healthier.

Shungite Necklace, EMF, Lapis, Natural Hematite

This is a beautiful necklace. I especially love the clasp. Be sure to ask about how this will hang. The weight of the materials lengthens it a bit. I did measure the length prior to ordering, but it wound up being longer than I thought. It's still very pretty!

Shungite Bracelet

I received the bracelet, and I have been wearing it ever since. I hope it is protecting me from the EMFs, and negative energy. My order arrived in a timely manner, with the jewelry in draw string bags, wrapped in pretty tissue, with a nice note from the seller, and a piece of dark yummy chocolate. I thought it was very classy!! I will order from them again. I guarantee you, if you are considering an order, you will be pleased with the seller and their products.

Love the 2 pyramids. Placed in different rooms and hope they protect us from emf

Love the necklace. I chose a regular clasp. Somehow the clasp ends up near the heart when it is being worn. Any ideas how to prevent this?

Shungite Earrings, Granulated Sterling Silver Hook, Balinese

I love the ear rings. I received many compliments the very first day that I wore them to work. Knowing that something that can help me in so many ways, can also look so good on me, is a real joy!!!

Elite Shungite in Sterling Silver Elephant Locket w/Cubic Zirconia

Love my necklace! Was delivered much quicker than I thought.

Beautiful! Shipping was QUICK!!

Beautiful! Shipping was QUICK!! Thanks so much!!

Birthday gift

This was birthday gift for my friend, and she loved it.

Just not sure.

I put the medallion on and I can not say I notice a difference.

Great water purifer

Very happy with pruchase

(1) Shungite bracelet and (2) shungite stones w/tiger's eye heart in olive wooden bowl

Excellent customer service; after I placed my order, I received it within 2-3 days. Everything was received in perfect condition and great care was taken in ensuring that the items would arrive 'damaged free'. I like wearing my bracelet everyday and my 'olive wooden bowl garden' looks perfect on my coffee table. Thank you!

Review of order

Well made wooden bowl with seamless connection of the different types of wood. Beautiful tumbled stones, great polish. I decided to wrap two stones with sterling wire (pic) for pendants. The bracelet was a perfect fit and not too large. Have attached the protective shungite pieces to mobile phone. In addition, the package was carefully wrapped🥰🥰


I put it in my water and I love it.

wonderful product

I purchased the necklaces for my three kids. They like wearing them, and find it easy enough to put on and take off, even my 6-year-old. The order arrived very fast, and the items are of very high quality. It came accompanied by a very appreciated personal note and a little chocolate. Thank you, Shungite Queen!

Love my lanyard...

It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that I look forward to wearing everyday at work. With all the devices the students use at school now, I feel protected against some the EMFs.