The Royal Court

Rishi Rumi    

Rumi: Quality Control Specialist

Rumi (above, in the black suit) makes sure my microtool attachments stay new and sharp by purging old ones from the studio. He is so good at his job that I frequently don't even know he's around - until I notice my old tools are gone. Stealth is his middle name! He fulfills an important secondary role as Court Jester.

Rishi: Customer Service, Shipping & Receiving

The fact that Rishi is blind does not deter him in the least from delivering unparalleled customer service. His strategies include a purr with a head bump, and the uber-effective love smooch that leaves customers coming back for more. Meditation is his secret de-stressing strategy. Rishi makes sure the designer takes her required breaks, and he is aways surprising her with random design elements (below, second photo).