Gemstone properties

Gemstone Properties

Valerie Burke

In this post, I have assembled a list of the gemstones I use in my work (listed alphabetically) and their overall properties. The list is not comprehensive but it's enough to get you started!

If you want more information about shungite specifically, please refer to my comprehensive report, Shungite: The Electropollution Solution.

For additional information about the other stones and crystals, I recommend these books:

Gemstone Properties


Agate is a member of the quartz family and has a gently stabilizing and grounding energy. It is a good stone if you are sensitive as it connects with the gentle vibrations of the earth. Good for stress, anxiety, and worry.

Blue lace agate is one of the most calming stones. The color of a peaceful sky, blue lace agate is fabulous for lowering stress and quieting troubled thoughts. It helps us with self-acceptance and becoming who we truly are. Aligned with the throat chakra, it can aid in self-expression. Confidence, resilience, protection. Can relieve cough, sore throat and sinus congestion, antiviral, antibacterial.

Moss agate is in tune with the heart chakra and is helpful for new beginnings, which is why it’s traditionally used during childbirth. Relieves fear and stress, helps achieve harmony and balance. Protects the aura. Balances the two sides of the brain – logic and creativity, as well as intuition. Immune support, healing and recovery from illness. Good for addictions. Wealth, success, and abundance. Connecting with the earth, nature and nature spirits.


Amazonite blocks EMFs inspires and aids self-expression and is said to balance and soothe the effects of emotional trauma. Reported to calm all chakras and balance our masculine and feminine sides.


Amber is neither crystal nor mineral but rather an ancient fossilized tree resin from prehistoric forests; life force energy, connection to sun and earth; ancestral or ancient wisdom, remembrance, past life recall, and clearing familial patterns; purification of body and environment, detoxification, cleansing; shields from negative energies; ameliorates depression and facilitates grieving; supports fertility and solar plexus chakra.


Amethyst is known for banishing negative thoughts, soothing emotions, and calming the mind. It is also said to enhance intuitive and psychic ability, deepen spiritual connections, and improve the imagination. Helps with headaches and body aches and supports respiratory tract.


Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and citrine, enhancing mental and spiritual clarity and uniting male (citrine) and female (amethyst) energies, increasing balance. May help with weight loss, addictions, and old habits. Excellent relationship enhancing stone. Stimulates creative solutions.


Ammonites are ancient cephalopods dating back 450 million years; considered powerful earth healing fossils due to their having had millions of years to absorb vast amounts of cosmic energy, which can be used to stimulate prana in the body. Commonly used for activating life path energies; due to their spiral shape, ammonites symbolize evolution and transformation. Said to promote emotional balance and stability; often used to release negative patterns and behaviors.


Angelite is a light blue “high vibrational” stone said to connect us to higher realms and facilitate angelic communication. An uplifting stone that supports in times of transition. Assists with intuition, psychic ability, spiritual awareness, and ascension. Enhances meditation. Supports the throat, third eye, crown, and soul chakras.

Apache Tears

Apache tears are a natural, off-round type of obsidian (volcanic glass, not crystals). They are known for emotional clearing and grief resolution, as well as grounding and protection. Most volcanic glass is very powerful, given its fiery origin, but apache tears have a gentler energy and rougher appearance. Geologically, they were formed by being thrown up into the air during an eruption, cooling rapidly, and then falling to Earth. Native lore says Apache tears are the fallen tears of grief-stricken American Indian women after warriors chose to leap off a cliff to their deaths, rather than being captured by the Cavalry.


Apatite is a stone of peace, clarity, focus and manifestation. It helps “clear out the fog” and improves concentration and focus. Great stone for productivity, success and goal achievement. Throat chakra; supports clear communication.


Apophyllite is a stone of universal love and light, often found with stilbite. It may help with stress, anxiety, fear, or worry – helping sort of problems productively. Apophyllite is a light-bringer, bringing guidance from angels and guides and promoting clairvoyance. Helps cleanse body and mind of negative psychic debris, especially from childhood trauma and old dysfunctional patterns – so it’s a stone for the Inner Child. Green apophyllite brings light and levity to the heart chakra, along with attunement to nature, Earth energy, and abundance.


Aquamarine is the blue form of beryl, supports the throat chakra. It is a stone of courage, peace and tranquility; reduces stress and helps quiet the mind; can help one gain insight, truth and wisdom. Washes away toxicity; rejuvenates and renews mind, body and spirit. Great stone for sensitive people! Calms an overactive immune system so may be helpful with autoimmune disorders; helps reduce excess mucus with respiratory illnesses (colds, cough, sinusitis, bronchitis, lung infections).


Aragonite deeply connects us to Earth energy and nature, and the Earth Goddess; stone for sustainability, abundance, and recycling; grounding and chakra alignment; emotional balance, stability, and courage; getting to the root of a situation, bringing unresolved issues to the surface.


Astrophyllite from Siberia is an extremely powerful and versatile stone, now quite rare and highly sought after.Golden brown or bronze in color, imbues one with celestial light and positive energy. Supports crown and soul star charkas. Transformational stone, assisting with changing course, moving forward, or moving past a bad decision with spiritual and intellectual strength; useful for addictions. Unique ability to improve one’s psychic powers without diminishing connection to the physical world; facilitates cellular healing. Stone of synchronicity. Sometimes called “the marriage stone,” fostering honesty in communication.

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 is a very high frequency stone found only in Canada. It gets its name from a special combination of 23 minerals providing a uniquely synergistic effect on the human energy field. Auralite 23 is principally a blend of amethyst, citrine, and a rare form of green quartz. The stone facilitates a deep connection with the Divine, the Higher Self, encouraging spiritual evolution and transformation. Auralite 23 is described as the stone for facilitating the awakening and enlightenment of humanity; supports psychic ability, deep meditation, and communication with angels and spirit guides.


Green aventurine is said to absorb EMFs and environmental pollutants and protect against geopathic stress. It is also reported to protect against psychic attack. Green aventurine is also said to help the wearer get “unstuck.”

Blue aventurine represents focus, leadership, and “stick-to-it-iveness;” help us proceed with calm rationality, steadfastness, and honest communication; self-discipline, overcoming bad habits; psychic and intuitive ability, third eye, and throat chakras.

Orange or red aventurine helps us focus our prana, or life energy, into manifestation. Overcoming challenges. Helps quiet the “inner critic” and reduce mind chatter, lifting self-worth and confidence. Cheerfulness, joy, zest for life.


Azurite supports communication and the throat chakra; enhances intuition, guidance, “third eye” awakening, and psychic abilities.


Beryl is said to help us find meaning; promotes harmony and justice, recuperation and regeneration. Assists with disorders of the heart and lungs, boosting the immune system, reducing fever, and helping with recovery from infectious illness. Also beneficial for eye health. Emerald is a green form of beryl, and morganite is pink beryl.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is EMF protective, grounding, and stabilizing; able to transmute energy due to its piezoelectric properties; repels negative energies and provides resilience to psychic attack; decreases worrying, stress, and anxiety.


Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a dark green and red variety of chalcedony said to help control bleeding and inflammation. May be helpful in times of change for transformation – new beginnings, new life, movement forward. Confers strength, endurance, courage, revitalization, protection; acceptance of change; resilience; helpful when one feels threatened. Root chakra. 


Cacoxenite is referred to as the “stone of ascension” because it is an extremely powerful stone for awakening the chakras and enhancing balance, harmony, and spiritual attunement. This special stone fosters our connection with the angels, divine masters, and spirit guides - supporting deep healing and regeneration on all levels. Cacoxenite is even commonly used during world meditations due to its extremely high vibrational energy that support universal healing. It is a primary component of the Super Seven crystal, therefore it works well with smokey quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, Goethite, and lepidocrocite with rutile.


Carnelian is a stone of life force, creativity, courage, and motivation; stone of action; known as the “singer’s stone” due to its facilitation of performance; reduces worry and procrastination; supports lower three chakras, sexuality and fertility. Antiviral and antibacterial, reduces fever and fatigue.


Celestite is a powerful and beautiful, high-vibration sky-blue stone that facilitates inspiration and connection with guardian angels and spirit realms – like a Cosmic Teacher. Attuned to the crown, third eye and throat chakras, celestite is a stone of divine communication. Provides a “spiritual detox”! Benefits for shy or timid children, or when your Inner Child gets lost in the woods. Powerful healing crystal for lifting the mood, achieving peace amidst chaos, clarity, resolving conflict; clairvoyance, vision and expansion. Powerful healing and meditation stone, celestite is said to help dissolve pain.


Blue chalcedony is sometimes called the Speaker’s Stone for its benefits toward public speaking, overcoming stage fright, and clear communication – including telepathic communication. It is good for helping you hold back words you might later regret. Supports the throat and third eye chakras. Absorbs negative energy, calms and sooths the mind. Stimulates inner reflection, benevolence, generosity, and creativity. Reduces inflammation and congestion, encourages circulation; healing from respiratory illnesses.

Purple chalcedony supports meditative brainwave patterns, theta and delta. Psychic protection, dream work, lucid dreaming, clairvoyance and other innate psychic abilities. Assists personal integrity, generosity, and benevolence.


Charoite is a rare and beautiful mineral from Siberia, protective against numerous negative energies including EMFs; extremely powerful healing stone; spiritual growth, transformation, and courage; detoxification and healing; small specimen produces powerful effects when close to the body.


Chrysocolla (also known as Peruvian turquoise) is a gentle stone that supports communication and self-expression, courage, wisdom, and new beginnings. It can help ease stress and provide calm during the storm. Also resonates with feminine energy, wealth, and good fortune. Said to attract healing spirits.


Chrysoprase, a stone in the chalcedony family, is called the Stone of Venus for its support of new love, new relationships, and new adventures. Supports abundance, prosperity, and optimism. Helpful in countering the symptoms of depression, boosting self-esteem, and relieving stress. Facilitates a deep heart connection with the spirit of mother Earth, devas, and other Earth spirit entities. Allows one to remain centered in the heart. Strengthens the emotional and physical heart, living from the heart. Alignment.


Citrine is known for stimulating the intellect. Energy and stamina. Awakens intuition, raises self-esteem, motivation, assertiveness, imagination, and creativity in new pursuits. Helps with build wealth and good fortune. Shields against spite and jealousy. Solar plexus, sacral and crown chakras. Excellent for overly sensitive people.

Smokey citrine is a blend of two types of quartz - smokey quartz and citrine. As such, it uses love to blend light and dark energies into endless creation. Blends sun and moon energies with a perfect yin and yang balance. Fabulous grounding while also raising one’s vibration, anchoring life force energy deep into the earth while drawing golden light from the crown down through the body. Increases Kundalini energy, and aligns and energizes all chakras. Creates a shift of perspective opening the soul to endless expansion and integrating the ancient soul with conscious understanding. Does not hold onto negative energy so does not need cleansing. This crystal brings serenity, abundance, prosperity & good luck.

Dalmatian Stone

Dalmatian stone, sometimes referred to as Dalmatian jasper, is a good stone for reflection and planning. Fortifying, balancing, harmonizing, fostering playfulness. May be helpful when training or healing animals, especially dogs. Said to assist with smoking cessation.


Danburite is a very gentle but high vibration stone that aligns one's heart and crown chakras, allowing one to process emotions with a clear mind; improves decision making ability. Bridges physical and spiritual words, connecting one to the divine/spirit realm and higher dimensions. A stone of peace and light that can calm the mind and emotions; promotes restful sleep. Favorite of Reiki practitioners; great for meditation as well as distance healing.


Dianite a variety of Siberian blue jade named after Princess Diana for its vibration of peace, serenity, and love; third eye and crown chakras. Calms emotional upheaval; helps with feelings of stress, anger, frustration and overwhelm; emotional expression and emotional intelligence; clarity of complex communications; nurtures and promotes successful relationships; cools inflammation.


Dumortierite stimulates the brain and increases mental acuity, clearing mental and emotional clutter and improving focus; may help with organizational skills; aligned with the throat chakra, it can improve communication; reduced shyness and increased self-confidence; may help with addictions.


Epidote is an energy amplifier, enhances the properties of whatever stones you put with it; helps reverse negative thought patterns (sadness, despondency, hopelessness, etc.); improves memory; supports spiritual growth.


Eudialite is a purple stone from Russia that supports the heart chakra and energy flow between the chakras; unites spiritual energy with physical; can help with overexertion recovery; regulating emotions; releasing negative feelings and pessimism; resistance to change; can increase self-acceptance and recognition of our talents; may stimulate creativity, intuition, clairvoyance, and synchronicity.

Fire Opal

Fire opal harnesses elemental energy to awaken one’s passion; tuned to the base and sacral chakras, activates qi and kundalini energy. Great stone for art and business endeavors, increasing creativity. Can help protect one from danger or injustice – increasing confidence and personal empowerment. Assists in processing grief.


Fluorite is known for protection, cleansing, clearing negative or chaotic energies, stabilizing, harmonizing, and enhancing our connection to spirit. Great for infections, a powerful antiviral such as colds and flu; regenerates mucus membranes, especially in respiratory tract.


Fuchsite is a lovely green stone that’s a great one for healers, supporting emotional and physical healing. Increases feelings of hope. Supports heart chakra, opening the heart and allowing one to release negative thoughts. Rejuvenation and renewal. Magnifies the power of other crystals. Connecting with nature spirits and elemental beings, helpful if working with the land – gardening or landscaping. Nice stone to hold during meditation, connecting with spirit guides.


Garnet is a wonderful stone for physical healing, balance and regeneration. Helps turn chaos into creation. Tuned to the root chakra, garnet is a sensual stone that supports love, relationships, passion, and libido – freeing the movement of kundalini. Garnet is said to resolve grief, but also supports the pituitary gland. Cleanses and reenergizes all the chakras. Immune system support and detox. Increases chi (life force energy).


Hematite is protective against EMFs and geopathic stress, providing grounding, balancing, circulation, detoxification (especially liver and blood). Reduces fever. Supports root chakra. Some hematite has a slight magnetic charge.


Howlite (magnesite) is a stone attuned with the third-eye, crown and heart chakras, so it’s a joyful stone that helps us connect our hearts directly with our higher power or Divine self, allowing us to feel safe and supported. Soothing and calming to the mind and body; assists with sleep and relaxation, calming the emotions, accurate self-reflection, wisdom, and improved processing and integration of complex information. Can also help with symptoms of magnesium deficiency such as muscle cramps, migraines, and detox symptoms. Third-eye activation supports psychic vision. 


Iolite is called the “shaman’s stone” because it unlocks inner vision. It is known for its ability to enhance imagination, creativity, and intuition. According to Robert Simmons, iolite supports and nudges us along the "inner path to the deep self," so it’s an excellent stone for shamanic journeying, visions, and awakening psychic gifts. Historically, iolite was referred to as the Viking’s compass due to its ability to find the sun on overcast days. Similarly, iolite can help us move forward in our lives and navigate new waters with ease and confidence; good stone for meditation, restoring balance, and bringing order to chaos. Supports the Third Eye chakra, helps us see clearly.


Jade is a stone of purification, healing, stability, gentleness, and nourishment. Green jade supports the heart chakra. Protective talisman. Brings good luck and friendship. Black jade emanates strong, protective energies to ward off assault - physical or psychological – and helps remove self-limitation and repels negative energy. The darker jade also helps one in the proper use of power.

Green jade is a stone of health and vitality, courage, physical and emotional balance, youthfulness. Also known for increasing luck, good fortune, abundance. Bringing about self-realization and courage. In tune with the heart chakra.

White jade is known for its power to bring feelings of peace and tranquility. It is said to purify the energies of the heart, strengthen relationships, increase feelings of love and help ease emotional trauma. Great for assistance in decision making. White jade also brings luck!


Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer,” protecting and absorbing negative energies of all kinds. Described as promoting healing and tranquility, and balancing our physical, mental and emotional sides. Properties highly varied due to widely ranging compositions.

African turquoise is actually a form of jasper mined in Africa. It’s called the “Stone of Evolution” because it promotes growth, maturity, self-discovery, change, and transformation. Supports us through change. Helps us see things from a new perspective, allowing us to awaken to our true purpose. Promotes balance and optimism, stabilizes mood swings. Affects the heart, throat and third eye chakras.

Mookaite jasper is a type of Australian jasper that helps us connect to Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields and to our own body and rhythms. All-over energizer, mookaite supports the lower chakras – root, sacral, and solar plexus. Helps us stay grounded, take control over our destiny and make good executive decisions. Helps with insomnia and moving across time zones – sleep with it at night. Sharpens intuition, inner voice. Mellow, calming energy, good for entering meditation and sleep. Also great support for those who work with animals!

Picasso jasper, named after the famous artist, comes from Utah. It can help you connect with the beauty within yourself and others. Said to stimulate imagination, perseverance, optimism, happiness, and renewed friendships.

Shiva Lingham is a type of jasper with a natural egg shape from being tumbled in the Narmada River, one of the five holy rivers in India, where it is gathered and hand polished by villagers. Represents the beginning of all creation and is a physical manifestation of male and female energies. Harmonizes all chakras, especially the base, sacral and earth star chakras. Unites opposites and helps us experience the interconnectedness of all, increasing harmony. Grounding and earth connection. Increases kundalini energy and fertility.


Divine love and connection; purity; removing walls and barriers to love; wonderful stone to assist with healing from loss of life partner; intuition; optimism; cooling of anger; many use for women's reproductive issues and fertility.


Blue kyanite is a powerful throat chakra stone, but it also opens the third eye. Facilitates open, honest, authentic communication and self-expression, especially related to deeper truths. Excellent for performers, writers, public speakers. Also good for meditation and dream recall; aligns all chakras. Balances yin/yang energies.

Orange kyanite is a stone of creativity and sexuality, opening the sacral chakra. Great stone for artists, writers, performers, musicians, or anyone relying on creative thinking. One of the most powerful stones for manifestation; increases intuition, telepathy, psychic abilities. Increases self-esteem, communication skills, and self-awareness; boosts optimism and positive thinking.

Green kyanite is the stone of truth, helping us discern the truth around us. Opens the heart chakra and imparts calming, tranquil energy, so a great stone for preparing for meditation. Assists with accurately receiving intuitive and psychic thoughts. Lifts the mood and increases feelings of hope. Also acts as a bridge between us and nature; equilibrium and stability. Helps us tune into the flowing balance of the Tao, the life force of the Universe.


Labradorite is excellent for awakening one’s spiritual awareness, intuition and psychic abilities. It is said to protect the aura and unite the chakras, with particular benefits for the throat chakra. Described as helpful in more easily accessing the Akashic records. Can help temper the harsher aspects of one’s personality and help to develop sensitivity and empathy. Remarkable iridescent colors can vary from champagne gray to icy blue, green, gold, copper, and many more.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is known for shielding and deflecting negative energy, enhancing intuition, and offering protection from psychic attack. Lapis opens and balances the throat chakra and supports communication, self-expression, and personal power.


Larimar, also known as "dolphin stone" or "Atlantis stone," is a rare blue form of pectolite found only in the Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic, embedded within basaltic lava. It is a stone of deep emotional healing, soothing, and tranquility. Associated with the Divine Feminine, goddess energies of sea and sky. Throat chakra; clear communication. Ancient wisdom of Atlantis plus the healing power of dolphins harmonizes body and soul. Lovely stone for motherhood. 

Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian seed crystals are an anomaly of nature because they typically possess thin triangular faces with abundant growth ridges. These special wand-like crystals emit deeply loving vibrations from celestial realms, resonating with the Crown and Soul Star chakras; they are crystals of wisdom, awareness, intuition, and enlightenment. Named after Lemuria, a peaceful and highly evolved civilization believed by some to exist more than 12 million years ago; said to be encoded with the ancient knowledge not only of Lemuria but also other lost civilizations, such as Atlantis. 


Lepidolite can take us from chaos to calm. It's a stone of transformation. Lepidolite is one of the richest sources of lithium and can be good for those with turbulent emotions, lending stability and a sense of calm and balance - toning down the impulsivity. Reportedly helpful for addictions, as well as helping reduce inflammation and boost immune function. Healing old grief.


Malachite absorbs radioactivity and other pollution and discharges negative energy. It’s a stone of healing, transformation, emotional clarity and cleansing. Malachite may amplify energies - good or bad - so it is best used in small doses. Can guard against physical dangers so it’s a good traveling stone. Helps reduce inflammation and boost immune function; infection prevention.


Moldavite is a tremendously unique and powerful green glassy stone of extraterrestrial origin (a tektite). It formed when a large meteorite hit the earth about 14.8 million years ago in what is now the Bohemian plateau. Moldavite has an extremely high vibration from its combination of extraterrestrial and Earthly energies.

Moldavite resonates with the heart chakra and is a wonderful stone for emotional release and healing old wounds and traumas; know as a stone of rapid change and spiritual transformation, attunement, connectivity and expansion; profound capacity to quicken your spiritual progress and act as a catalyst for bringing about changes for your greatest good. Fantastic meditation and dreamwork stone!

Also said to be useful for star children and sensitive souls who find it difficult being on Earth, in terms of their profound experience of emotions. 


Moonstone channels the moon and is a symbol of the Divine Feminine, our inner goddess. This shimmery stone supports intuition and filtering out negative emotions holding us back such as fear and self-doubt. One of the best stones for balancing hormones. Moonstone reassures us to go with the ebb and flow of life. Anti-inflammatory and immune strengthener.


Morganite (a form of beryl often appearing in soft shades of pink and peach) is a heart chakra stone described as the Crystal of Divine Love - always ready to take us by the hand and lead us into the light. Morganite reminds us that we are all connected and separateness is an illusion. This lovely stone helps lower the veil between ourselves and Spirit, allowing for better access to spiritual guidance at the emotional level. Morganite goes straight to those places where the heart needs to heal, filling us with divine love and compassion. 


Obsidian is a powerfully protective and transformative stone. It helps reveal one’s dark side and inner truths, shining a light on negativity then clearing it away; assists integration and realigning of scattered energies. Helps draw out toxic emotions, and acts like an energetic bodyguard – including protection from EMFs. Grounding, anchoring, stabilizing; aligned with root chakra. Can uncover hidden talents and help manifest one’s true calling; magnifies healing energies around it. 

Golden Obsidian is like having an energetic bodyguard; healing from pain and trauma; protection; helps one reclaim personal power and gather up strength to face one's fears; fearlessly looking inward for gaining insight; confidence; grounding.

Snowflake obsidian is a black volcanic rock with small white inclusions of cristobalite that, when polished, resemble snowflakes; a stone of purity, protection, and security; helps one feel supported and less isolated; increases our ability to accept change; brings truth and balance to mind, body and spirit; grounding, attuned to root chakra.


Onyx is a variety of banded chalcedony and can come in a variety of colors. Green onyx resonates with the heart chakra and is known for peace, purity, strength, and mental support. It is calming to the emotions. Can assist with self-confidence, discipline, courage, learning and memory. Helps dissolve negative thoughts and energies. Helps balance yin and yang. Unique stone for boosting skill in psychometry. 


Orthoceras is an extinct cephalopod that lived about 400 million years ago and is the ancestor of our modern-day squid. Its name is derived from the words “straight horn,” referring to its long conical shell. This fossil stone conjures up life force energy that we can channel where we need it the most. It helps prepare us for transformation, so it's an excellent stone for new beginnings and times of deep personal growth. 


Peridot (olivine) is an extreme gemstone, forged in the molten lava of volcanoes and the earth’s mantle. Only peridot and diamond are formed this way! Connected to sun energy, peridot is said to drive away the forces of darkness. Carries the frequency of abundance. A purifier of the body and mind, peridot alleviates emotional burdens such as anger, resentment, jealousy, resentment, guilt, and depression. Promotes forgiveness and contentment. Stone of transformation and great asset for recovery from addiction. Supports the heart chakra, but also beneficial for solar plexus and endocrine balance.

Petoskey Stone

Petoskey stone is a type of fossilized coral (Hexagonia percarinata) originating in Devonian era seas (350 to 400 million years ago) in what is now Michigan’s lower peninsula. The word “Petoskey” derives from a Native American Indian word meaning “rays of the living sun.” The stone is attuned to the third eye and is said help with enhancing or balancing third eye/psychic visions – including tamping them down, if needed. It helps deflect negative energies from one’s environment. Petoskey is also known for emotional grounding and rebalancing - increasing emotional awareness and helping bring relationship conflicts to resolution. May also help stabilize one’s finances.


Prehnite is sometimes called the “stone of prophecy” for its stimulation of visions, intuition, precognition and other psychic abilities, and even lucid dreaming; enhances memory; connects connects heart with the will; balances solar plexus with heart chakras. Helps us take action toward the highest good. Assists with decluttering, discipline, creativity, prosperity. Best placed in space where creativity is needed, or in meditation room.


Pyrite helps shield us from negative energies of all types, protects from environmental pollution and physical danger, and promotes good health and well-being. Helps prevent spread of infectious disease - protects from colds and flu and other respiratory illnesses; helps reduce fever and inflammation. Pyrite is associated with luck, abundance, and prosperity.


Crystal quartz (aka clear quartz) is an all-around master healer. Assists with manifestation of intentions, clarity of mind, removing energy blockages, and promoting smooth energy glow throughout the body. Supportive of all the chakras, but especially helpful in activating the crown chakra and expanding consciousness. Restores balance to the body, including the immune system.

Smoky quartz is a powerful grounding stone that can help us connect with the present moment. It works on the root chakra to help anchor us in the physical world. Smoky quartz is also helpful with EMF protection and other negativity.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart! Attuned to the heart chakra, it nurtures, heals, and comforts us, showering us in unconditional love. Strengthens relationship with ourselves and others.

Rutilated quartz is clear quartz with sparkly rutile inclusions – a titanium oxide mineral. Cleanses and recharges all chakras; symbolizes unity and transformation; helps connect the physical with the spirit world; said to link one with the angels.

Strawberry quartz is a stone of unconditional love. Supports the heart chakra. Excellent for understanding one’s purpose and path, intuition, peace of mind, and clearing negativity.


Rhodonite fosters altruism and betterment for all; a stone of cooperation, community, and generosity of spirit; quells anger, restores emotional balance; promotes love, compassion and forgiveness; also helps relieve fear and anxiety; focus is on the heart chakra.


Selenite is one of the best stones for cleansing, said to uplift everything around it. It cleanses the chakras and remove energy blockages, bringing purifying white light into one's energy field to "recharge" the spirit. Selenite is also one of the best stones for sleep.

Septarian Nodule

Septarian Nodule (aka Dragon Stone) has wide ranging, diffuse effects depending on each specimen’s individual complement of minerals. Great for balancing mind, body and spirit - increasing peace, harmony, and grace. Highly grounding. Can improve communication on many levels and assist with public speaking, increasing confidence and inner resources. Helps remove unwanted attention. Improved focus on self-nurturing. Assistance with problem solving. Decreased stress. May help prevent missteps when problem solving.


Seraphinite is an incredibly rare Siberian stone named after the highest order of angels, the Seraphim. The stone is said to help open links between the angelic and physical realms, and the divine feminine. Its feathery silver structures resemble angle wings. Seraphinite is tuned to the heart chakra.


Serpentine comes from the word “serpent,” which characterizes its snaking color texture as well as its ability to activate Kundalini energy. Excellent for repelling negative energy such as psychic attack, so a great stone to have in a toxic work environment. Also clears energetic blockages and stagnant energy throughout the meridians and chakras. Attuned to the heart chakra.

Lizardite is a member of serpentine family so has similar properties to serpentine. It grounds your energies to the earth's magnetic core, therefore having a stabilizing effect on your energy fields so is a nice booster for shungite in mitigating EMFs. 


Shungite is nature's strongest EMF protector. It comes from one location only, the village Shun’ga in the Karelia region of Russia. Its highly unique molecular carbon structure transforms EMFs into frequencies that are biologically harmless. Shungite is said to also block negative energy from a person or space, and functions as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other toxic agents.

Elite shungite is also known as noble, silver, or type I shungite. Elite is the highest grade of shungite, shiny silver in color, and the most EMF protective; represents only one percent of all shungite mined; 90 to 98 percent carbon.


Sodalite clears EMFs, focuses energy and improves intuition. It is said to promote awakening and stimulate the third-eye chakra and pineal gland. It also works on the throat chakra, assisting self-expression and confidence, and helping clear mental confusion.


Stilbite is known for emotional grounding, universal love, deep sleep, intuition, and clarity of thought. It can help one to remember forgotten experiences. It is fabulous for insomnia, deep sleep and vivid dreaming, as well as increasing our manifestation abilities and moving through grief. Through its attunement to the higher chakras, stilbite enhances intuition, introspection, and connection to our purpose. Stilbite’s name derives from the Greek word meaning “to shine.”


Stromatolites are among the world's oldest fossils - some more than 3.5 billion years old. Stromatolites are structures formed by huge colonies of cyanobacteria (aka blue green algae), which directly contributed to the formation of the Earth's atmosphere. Metaphysically, stromatolites emphasize the spirit of community, promoting inclusivity and sharing, cooperation, team building, flexibility, and support for the root and heart chakras; also supports ancestral wisdom.


Sugilite (pronounced “soo-gee-lite”) is the stone of spiritual and psychic protection. Its color ranges from lavender to grape-jelly-purple due to its manganese content. Sugilite invites the violet flame energy of protection, helping to shield us from negative energies and purifying our aura (another word for our natural EMF field). Its energy supports our living boldly and authentically, following our passions and manifesting our natural gifts; Third Eye and Crown chakras.


Beautiful orange stone carrying the regenerative energy of the sun; joy, brightness and positivity; natural mood and energy lifter; resonates with the heart chakra.

Super Seven

Super Seven (aka Melody Stone, Sacred Stone) is a powerhouse of psychic energy and a catalyst for transformation, said to clear and align all chakras. Super Seven is an extremely rare mineral that comes from only one mine in the world, in Brazil. It is comprised of seven mineral types: amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile or rutilated quartz, smokey quartz, and clear quartz. Said to promote complete mental clarity and help us connect to celestial beings and past life experiences.


Thulite is very helpful in supporting relationships, connection with others, and empathy. Inspires eloquent speech and extroversion, decreases social anxiety, and is good for helping introverts be more extroverted. Aids the release of guilt, shame, and self-defeating attitudes and may help with addictions. Resonates with the heart chakra, fostering happiness, contentment, and joy.

Tiger Iron

Tiger iron is actually a combination of tiger’s eye, jasper and hematite, so has properties of each. Great stone o combat procrastination and channel energy toward getting things done – an accomplishment stone. Creativity, vitality, and strength; supports lower chakras - root, sacral, and solar plexus. 

Tiger's Eye

Yellow tiger’s eye is a stone of protection, balance, and relief from extremes. Good support stone in times of change. Encourages success and good fortune. Promotes inspiration, courage and confidence; relieves worry. Attuned to solar plexus.

Red tiger’s eye is a survival stone, grounding us and shoring up inner strength and personal power. Helps reveal big picture solutions. May help temper anger. Increases confidence, passion, libido, motivation, and commitment to a cause. Attuned to root chakra.

Blue tiger’s eye, aka Falcon’s eye, is a stone of balance, harmony and tranquility. Induces calm, relieves stress and nervousness. Improves intuition, insight and communication. Can assist with decision making and maintaining perspective in complex situations. Helps shield from negativity. May help with pain relief, shivering, and hormonal hyperactivity.


Turquoise is one of the oldest healing stones but is becoming increasingly difficult to find these days. It is considered to be one of the most powerful gemstones by many world cultures. Turquoise supports self-expression, communication, and the throat chakra, but it also offers some protection from toxins. It is thought to be emotionally balancing and stabilizing.


Unakite offers EMF protection. The green mineral in unakite is epidote, which amplifies the properties of the other minerals. Unakite is also said to release energetic blockages and help us “move on” in our lives. Said to increase spiritual insight, vision, and “third eye.”

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