Shungite Product Collections

Shungite Home Basics

This collection consists of basic EMF protective shungite items for the home or office. Besides a variety of shungite pyramids, spheres, pocket stones and phone plates, there are more unexpected finds from time to time. Shungite is challenging to source, so inventory does fluctuate. These items must all be brought over from Russia, and I can't always get something twice. My repeat customers would say, if you like what you see, grab it without delay! 
I guarantee that all my shungite pieces are the genuine article. I test every piece. Fakes are out there so exercise caution. If you want to know how to determine if your shungite is real, I prepared this video.
Not sure what size you need? Here's a handy guide.
Some items come with handsome custom made wood bases and bowls. These are sustainably handcrafted in Olympia, Washington, by wood artist Mike Stark using reclaimed wood.

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