Shungite Product Collections

Shungite Gardens

Welcome to my shungite gardens! A few years ago, I moved from the country to the city. One of the things I bid farewell was a half-acre of gardens, organic vegetables and native plants sporting all the colors of the rainbow. It warmed my heart that something was in bloom every month of the year.
With this collection, I have attempted to bring the garden indoors by paring shungite with colorful gemstones that have health benefits of their own. They are  functional as well as beautiful - and you don't even have to water them! Some items come with handsome custom made wood bases and bowls. These are handcrafted from reclaimed wood in Olympia, Washington, by wood artist Mike Stark.
For information about individual gemstone properties, refer to my Gemstone Properties post.

"Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it." - Rumi