Do You Have a Radiation Detox Plan?

We are exposed to numerous sources of radiation just by virtue of living on our little blue planet, from wireless technologies to X-rays and other medical scans to airline travel. Discover my top four science-based tips and tricks - besides shungite - to help your body detox from radiation.

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Historical 5G Lawsuits Against FCC Are Now Underway – This is Why You Should Care

The FCC is required by law to protect Americans by regulating the telecom industry. However, when it comes to our ever-expanding internet coverage and 5G, FCC has defiantly abdicated its responsibilities. A number of lawsuits have been filed against the FCC for failing to protect Americans from wireless radiation. This is why you should care.

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COVID-19 Information, Practices, & Resources

I want to assure you that I, Shungite Queen, am taking the COVID-19 pandemic quite seriously and taking every possible precaution. As a former advanced practice nurse, I am acutely aware of the importance of slowing the spread of this illness. The following article is provided for educational and informative purposes only. Please consult your local medical authority for all medical advice.

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