Do you accept custom orders?

Do you have an unusual size? Want a shungite pendant for your child? Desire a different stone arrangement? It's probably doable! Many of my products can be customized because most (not all) are made to order. If you want a custom design or modification, contact me prior to purchase so we can chat. 

Can I return a product?

Yes! My ultimate goal is for my customers to be happy. I make every effort to accurately depict each item through my photographs and product descriptions. Because most of my items are handmade and involve natural stones, variations are the norm. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact me. Unfortunately, custom orders are not returnable.

It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. If your item arrives damaged, I will replace it at no cost to you or give you a full refund. Please notify me within 3 business days of receipt. Photographs of the damaged item and packaging are helpful.

Shipping and Returns Policy

Is my information private?

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What's the big deal about EMFs? 

The latest research on EMFs suggests they can produce a boatload of nasty effects on our health, including brain and heart tumors, cardiac arrhythmias, reproductive problems, hormone disruption - and the list goes on. You can read more about this here.

Where do you get your shungite, and how do you assure quality?

I have spent a great deal of time identifying high quality, reliable sources both in the US and Russia, where shungite is mined. When I find a good supplier, I make every effort to nurture that relationship. Service is everything! I also test every batch of shungite I receive for authenticity. For more about this, see my YouTube video.

What type of shungite do you use for your products?

This is probably my most frequently asked question!

The majority are black shungite, or "type 2." Black shungite is far more suitable for jewelry and accessories because it can be shaped, tumbled, drilled, and polished into forms (beads, pendants, spheres, pyramids, and so on). Elite (noble) shungite, aka "type 1," is a completely different form. Although it's stronger in terms of EMFs, it is very crumbly and friable. Therefore, elite is best used in its raw form for making shungite water, or as loose pebbles in a bowl. Elite is much more expensive and far more rare, representing the top 1% of all shungite mined.

In my store, unless a product listing specifies "elite shungite" it is black shungite.

How do I select shungite for my home?

Each shungite piece has a range of effects based on its size and shape, so different pieces can be used for different rooms based on the size and type of the room. For example, pyramids are recommended in rooms where you want to be awake and alert, such as an office, den or living room. Spheres have a softer energy that is more calming, so they are more suitable for a bedroom or nursery. For more about this, as well as information about the range of effects, refer to my Shungite Recommendations page. 

Ultimately, when selecting shungite - be it jewelry, a gift, or a shungite garden - go with your gut. Use your intuition. What piece calls to you? What do you feel drawn to? We are energetic beings, and thoughts and feelings are energy. We just have to listen.

My shungite leaves black residue on my skin. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal and most likely temporary!

Shungite is a soft mineral, and after drilling and shaping, a fine powdery black residue can remain. After all, it's carbon! This residue can sometimes be found on the leather of a necklace or bracelet after being threaded through a bead hole (despite my attempts to wipe it off), on one's wrist from a bracelet, or on the bottom of a shungite tile (which is unpolished). This is normal and nothing to worry about - as I see it, a small price to pay for the special health benefits it offers.

Black shungite residue washes off easily with a little soap and water. You should see my hands after I unpack a shungite shipment!

I recommend keeping your shungite dry (except when making shungite water), to minimize the black residue.

How is shungite water made?

It's your lucky day - I have a page about this! Shungite Water 

Where can I find more information about shungite?

I recommend a book called Shungite: Protection and Healing, and Detoxification by Regina Martino.

Please also read my free report, Shungite: The Electropollution Solution.

Where can I find information on the other stones you use?

I have included a Gemstone Properties page to give you some basics.

But wait - you haven't answered my question!

If there's something I have not addressed, just shoot me an email. I do my best to respond the same day.

What is the meaning of life?

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