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Shungite for Kids

Welcome to the Shungite Queen's Shungite for Kids collection!
Here, you will find colorful jewelry, clip-ons, and hangables with your little ones in mind. Whether it's a simple shungite necklace, or a three-eyed green shungite monster that clips onto his backpack - this is where you'll find it!
Protecting your child or grandchild from EMFs is even more important than adults because their brains are still developing and their cranial bones are thinner than ours, making them more easily penetrated by EMFs. Many studies now reveal the serious health risks of cell phones and towers to our children. Kids are inundated with WiFi and electricity at school and at home, so the more protection we can give them, the better - both on their bodies and in their bedrooms.
If you wish to learn more about children and EMFs, read my Shungify article here.

"It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass