Shungite Product Collections

Elite Shungite

If it's beautiful elite shungite nuggets you're looking for, then this collection is for you! Here you will find genuine elite shungite items for the home and office, including large elite shungite stones exclusive to Shungite Queen!

Elite shungite (aka Noble Shungite, or Type 1 Shungite) is the rarest and most powerful form of shungite for EMF protection, representing the top 1% of all shungite mined.

Elite shungite is challenging to source, so inventory fluctuates. No two stones are alike. Many of my customers would say - if you like what you see, grab it today because it won't be there tomorrow!

I guarantee that all my shungite pieces are the genuine article. I test every piece. Fakes are out there so please exercise caution. If you want to learn how to test if your shungite is real, I prepared this video.

"The man who removes a mountain

begins by carrying away small stones."

~ Chinese Proverbs