Genuine Malachite Necklace With Pyrite Beads, EMF Protection, Abundance, Prosperity

This is a genuine malachite necklace featuring a roughly-oval malachite drop pendant surrounded pyrite beads. The pendant size is about 1.2 by 0.75 inches. The little round irregularities you see in the photos are not damaged areas but rather mineral inclusions and natural patterns. The pendants are perfectly smooth and polished, on both sides.

Important: The magnetic clasp, while sturdy and gorgeous, needs to be opened in a particular way. Slide the two slides of the clasp apart, but make sure you DO. NOT. PULL or the clasp might break!

*Please note this is a custom item. Custom items cannot be fully refunded. 

What do these stones do, exactly?

Malachite absorbs radioactivity and other pollution and discharges negative energy. It's a stone of healing and transformation. Malachite may amplify energies - good or bad - so it is best used in small doses.

Pyrite helps shield us from negative energies of all types, such as EMFs, protects from environmental pollution and physical danger, and promotes good health and well-being. Pyrite is associated with luck, abundance, and prosperity.

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