Elite Shungite, Noble Shungite, 7 ounces, Small Sizes, Shungite Water, Detoxification

This listing is for 7 ounces by weight of genuine elite/noble shungite, the highest grade of shungite. Elite contains 90 to 98 percent carbon, with a small percentage of trace minerals. Only 1 percent of all shungite is elite, which is why it is much more expensive than black shungite. 

I personally test every batch to make sure it is genuine shungite. 

The pieces are irregularly shaped, ranging from 1/8" thick up to 3/4" long; some are long and thin, while others are thick and blocky. Some batches have smaller size pieces on average, others a little larger. Size doesn't matter for making water, other than the fact that smaller size means higher surface area, which means more water is in contact with the pieces. Therefore, smaller pieces means better infusion. 

The stones are silvery-black to gunmetal gray in color with a bright luster and conchoidal fracture pattern. Some of the pieces have a reddish finish that looks like rust - this is perfectly normal. 

Elite shungite can be used for EMF protection or for making shungite water. Click here for information about shungite water. It is very dusty in its raw form, so rinse well before placing it in your water dispenser.

Note: This listing is for the elite shungite only, so the bowl and other items in the photos are not included.

What's so special about shungite?

Besides neutralizing EMFs, Shungite's unique molecular carbon structure is known for its ability to purify water. It detoxifies free radicals and neutralizes viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia.

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Precious Pebbles

I purchased this bag of rocks(!) in order to make shungite water per Val's instructions on the website. One bag is good for about one gallon of water. I have a smaller water pitcher, so I placed almost half of the pebbles in a dish on my shelf---handy to move around to wherever I choose. I have suffered no ill effects from the shungite water, in case anyone is wondering, and I'm assuming I'm benefitting from the invisible good effects. I read somewhere that shungite can influence or help to balance the root chakra----maybe this contributes to my current opening to root chakra issues? In any case, I am simply drawn to the beauty and bioenergetic properties of earth's treasures and am delighted with my purchase.

Shungite water

Using the stones daily. The water does indeed taste fresher. I leave the stones in the water overnight, and consume a cupfull of Shungite water every am. Looking forward to the health benefits. And there’s plenty of stones in one order batch, to use for both Shungite water as well as to place in room for EMF protection.


Had the bag sitting on my printer while I was busy doing something and arranging for a place to put this. One of our cats knocked it off. Before I could pick it up, one of our dogs ran off with it. Got the bag before she ate any but yeah...she didn't want to give up her treasured goodies. So, besides the excellent energy these have, I have to keep them out of the pets' way. I've never had animals take to stone of any sort like they have these.

Elite shungite

The product looked nothing like the picture
The elite Shungite came in a package of tiny little shaved pieces ,cost $85 .oo
Ordered same basket lookalike from another site took3 weeks to get here cost $20 and is the beautiful silvery elite Shungite

I'm sorry you were disappointed with the elite. The sizes do vary somewhat for the elite in the size for making water. Elite ranges in color from silver to gunmetal gray with a metallic luster. In terms of size, the smaller the pieces, the better because of surface area/water contact. The smaller the pieces, the larger the surface area, therefore the better the infusion and more effective. As for the $20 price, I would test it to verify that it's genuine shungite as that's lower than wholesale. All that said, if you send me an email, I am happy to set up a return and refund, but this is the first I heard that you were not satisfied.
elite shungite

I put the shungite in water, and there is a noticeable difference in the taste. It tastes cleaner with more positive vibration.