Children and EMFs: What You Need to Know

Is your child’s favorite pastime screen time? Are you concerned about how much cumulative exposure your kids have to electromagnetic radiation at home and at school from computers, cell phones, tablets, electronic toys, cell towers, power lines and the like? If you're not concerned, you should be! Find out why your child is far more vulnerable to being injured by EMF than you are.

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Can Shungite Cause a “Detox Reaction”?

Although very uncommon, shungite can prompt a healing crisis. If you suddenly begin feeling worse instead of better when you start wearing your shungite jewelry, you could be experiencing a healing crisis - also known as a “detox reaction” or “Jarisch-Herxheimer” reaction...

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Val's Sauerkraut

Recipe and detailed photo blog of my favorite fermented veggies, more commonly known as sauerkraut. This kraut goes way beyond cabbage - incorporating carrots, parsnips, peppers, golden beets, ginger root, and even crisp green apples! It's truly the best tasting sauerkraut on the planet - and that's not just me.

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