Shungite Necklace, Violet Gemstones, Crown Chakra
Shungite Necklace, Violet Gemstones, Crown Chakra
Shungite Necklace, Violet Gemstones, Crown Chakra
Shungite Necklace, Violet Gemstones, Crown Chakra

Long Shungite Necklace, Violet Gemstones, Crown Chakra

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Long Shungite Necklace, Violet Gemstones, Crown Chakra

This necklace is a lavender and violet cornucopia for the crown chakra!

More than 100 EMF protective black shungite beads encircle your neck and shoulders, blending into a gradation of beautiful and powerful violet gemstones in the lower front. 

The gemstones in this necklace include:






    Violet gemstones are generally associated with peace, harmony, intuition, and spirituality. They resonate with the higher chakras - crown and third eye. 

    Violet crystals calm the nerves and help quiet the "monkey mind," reducing unwanted thoughts. 

    They are useful for relaxation and sleep, as well as meditation. 

    The violet and purple gemstones support vision, psychic ability, spiritual awareness, mystery, imagination, and creativity. 

    To learn more about the properties of individual gemstones, click here.

    The necklace is strung on very strong - but flexible - jewelry wire for excellent drape and durability. Take care to not over-bend the necklace as the cording has a wire core which can kink if bent beyond a certain point.

    It closes with a beautiful sterling silver lobster clasp.



    Length: 28.5 inches

    Round shungite beads: 6mm 

    Violet beads: 6mm; central bead 8mm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Drusie (Nyack, US)

    Was going to order a simple necklace of shungite beads, but when I went back to order it, the Necklace with Chrysocolla & African Turquoise Beads jumped out at me. The clincher was that the simple necklace I had planned to purchase was sold out. How perfect! This necklace is now my favorite! From the moment I put it on, I felt lighter, joyous. Like some of your other reviewers, I almost hate to take it off. I feel protected and enlivened - and beautifully adorned. Look out - I may be compelled to purchase another of your creations! Thank you so much!

    Jennifer D'Alessandro (Wethersfield, US)
    Happy customer

    I’m very pleased with the quality and look of the necklaces I purchased for myself, my husband and our two young boys. I explained to my boys why we are wearing them and they are so into it. I love how mindful they are becoming. I feel better knowing we are all a little safer. Thank you Shungite Queen!

    Sara R (Eugene, US)
    Beautiful necklace

    Since receiving my necklace, I've been wearing it almost daily because it's so attractive, and may be making me feel good too! I love the subtle mix of colors creating a greyed purple hue. It's quite long and flexible enough that the strand can be easily roped around the neck twice into a shorter, double strand – which is quite chic!

    Joan Strimple (Olympia, US)
    Elegant & Practical

    This handmade necklace is not only gorgeous and elegant, it is practical too! I'm typically not that into jewelry but have not been able to resist purchasing a few pieces from Shungite Queen because they are beautiful and I feel calmer and more grounded when wearing them. It is also comforting to know they are protecting me from EMFs. This necklace is my favorite but I love them all. Meticulous beadwork, superior quality, excellent customer service, and fast delivery.

    Terri Arucha (Reno, US)
    My favorite necklace

    This necklace is well made and hangs nicely and not at all stiff like when necklaces are poorly crafted. The colors are beautiful.