Unique Shungite Medallion with Amethyst Bead - Shungite Queen
Unique Shungite Medallion with Amethyst Bead - Shungite Queen
Unique Shungite Medallion with Amethyst Bead - Shungite Queen
Unique Shungite Medallion with Amethyst Bead - Shungite Queen

Unique Shungite Medallion with Amethyst Bead

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Shungite Medallion with Amethyst Bead

This substantial black shungite medallion accented by a large amethyst bead is as beautiful as it is functional. The pendant is genuine shungite from Karelia, Russia - nature's strongest EMF shield. No Wi-Fi wave would dare get past this chunk of shungite!

These pendants are hand worked at the Russian factory, as opposed to mass produced, so they have many irregularities in terms of texture and shape. Shungite also contains dozens of different minerals and elements, so veins, specks, and interesting patterns are the norm, completely typical of authentic shungite.

Each pendant is a little different, but they are all roughly 1.5 by 1.2 inches in size... some a little thinner, others a little thicker.

The necklace is strung on a long piece of soft but strong deerskin leather measuring 1/8 inch in diameter, long enough to go over your head. It closes with a simple sliding knot that can be adjusted as you like. Avoid getting it wet.

If you want different cording, just leave me a note during checkout and I will customize it accordingly.

Note that natural gemstone colors and patterns may also vary. 

What does shungite do, exactly? 

Shungite protects the wearer from EMFs. How? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms the EMFs into biologically harmless frequencies. People who are sensitive to EMFs feel better when wearing certain protective minerals and stones, like shungite. It’s also said to block negative energy, and acts as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia.

Amethyst is known for banishing negative thoughts, soothing emotions, and calming the mind. It is also said to enhance intuitive and psychic ability, deepen spiritual connections, and improve the imagination.

Customer Reviews

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Marj (Greeneville, US)

Surrounds my ears to protect from EMF induced blaring tinnitus. Stylish compliment to sweaters, tees, etc. Comfortable to wear 24/7!

Dawn Valdez (Victorville, US)
Shungite necklace

Bought for myself. Very attractive; happy with the quality.

Michael Ochoa (Lemon Grove, US)
Beautiful stone!!!

I really enjoy my new Shungite Stone. I wear it during the day when i use my electronics. I noticed a difference too. Less headaches. It really works!!!

Amy Hudson (Austin, US)

The necklace is beautiful gift for a friend. The presentation was great. It all brought a smile to my face. I just wrapped it all up to give to her. Thank you.

Elishka Slezak (Portland, US)
Birthday gift

This was birthday gift for my friend, and she loved it.