Smooth Polished Shungite Pocket Stone, Carry Stone, EMF Protection

This listing is for one EMF protective shungite pocket stone. Great for the non-jewelry wearer! Carry one for EMF protection on the go - they're Heaven to touch!

These little stones are polished to a very smooth matte finish, small enough to carry in any pocket. They range in shape from oval to rounded triangular, each slightly different in size. These little shungite stones have individual character from naturally occurring mineral inclusions, veins and specks (see multiple stone photos for range of variations).

Average Size: Average 1.25 x 1.00 x 0.3 inches

Average Weight: 0.5 gram

Why carry shungite?

Shungite offers protection from EMFs. How? Its unique molecular carbon structure transforms the EMFs into biologically harmless frequencies. Many EMF sensitive people feel better when they have shungite nearby or on their person. It is also said to block negative energy and act as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents. Genuine shungite is extremely rare and comes from only one place - Karelia, Russia.

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Collections: Shungite Basics

Type: shungite

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Customer Reviews

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Hi Valerie,
my stones arrived today and I adore them, they feel beautiful in the hand and are soothing to hold,
Thank you for all your assistance, Amanda


Love the flat stones ,I find them very strong but I keep one on the floor of my car
I have shared a few with friends and all noticed some positive changes ,like pain relief and more relaxed
I still cannot carry the stone on me ,but always have one a few feet away and can feel it

shungite stones

I love the polished shungite stones! I keep them in my pocket during the day and sleep with them in my hands at night. I am very sensitive to energy, and boy can I feel the power of these stones!

looks nice

Hope it works

Additionall EMF protection

After purchasing and wholeheartedly enjoying the beauty and protection of our gorgeous new shungite medallions created by the Shungite Queen, my wife and I both opted for a bit more protection and well being by ordering a pair of shungite pocket stones which we carry daily. So very nice to have that clean energy close to the root chakra with all its grounding properties. And that wonderful feeling of those black polished discs between our fingers makes us smile all the more.
Thank you so very much Your Majesty for the improvements your have brought to our lives. We are forever grateful for your creations.